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A YouTube war between Rajini's Baasha and Kamal's Indian?
Before films hit the screens, the number of views the teaser/trailer manages to earn through YouTube is now considered a big feat. I, Yennai Arindhaal, Masss and Puli are the recent examples of cranking big-time numbers with regard to the teaser/trailer views, likes and comments in YouTube. The number game is getting bigger and better, day by day.
What if we go on a time-travel? What if the trailers of films like Baasha and Indian were uploaded in YouTube for promotions now? What would be the views like? How will the clash of the Titans be represented? Will fans be busy trending hashtags of their respective favorites? Sometimes, the hardcore fanatics make it a point to not share the trailer through WhatsApp or by any other means to prevent a dip in the official YouTube views. Wouldn’t it be an interesting estimate to vouch for, if Baasha or Indian trailer gets an upgrade through YouTube now? Considering the fanfare then and now, the hardcore fans of Superstar and Ulaganayagan will not think twice to extend their support by watching the trailer non-stop, throughout the day.
While there is no concrete evidence on how and when the trend of trailers getting aired in theatres and TV spots started, YouTube is the current sensation that amounts to the overall expectation a movie gains before release.
Give us a rough estimate on how many views Baasha and Indian will clock if their trailers are uploaded in YouTube now?


A YouTube war between Rajini's Baasha and Kamal's Indian?

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