Kirumi (aka) Kirumi songs review


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Album Release Date : Jul 21,2015
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Production: JPR Films Production
Cast: Kathir, Reshmi Menon
Direction: Anucharan
Screenplay: Anucharan, M.Manikandan
Story: Anucharan, M.Manikandan
Music: K
Background score: K

Kirumi is an urbane thriller starring Kathir and Reshmi Menon in lead roles. Directed by newcomer Anucharan while the music for this flick is composed by K.

OC Soru
Singers: Gaana Bala
Lyrics: S Gnanakaravel

A regular folk number with sultry vocals of Gaana Baala which is supported by the peculiar bass work and raw percussions. The occasional touches of harmonica with modern jazz make it a fun hearing. The track follows a linear approach with less scope for experimentation or innovation.

Naanal Poovaai
Singers: Janani S V K
Lyrics: S Gnanakaravel

The album transforms to a trance mode with a breezy number which attempts to be feel good at its best. The repetitive bass work is supported neatly by jaltarang sounds in the interludes. The track is essentially breezy and abides by yesteryear superimposition style of vocals. The lyrics are delicate and poetic thereby suiting the ambience well.

Naa Parraka
Singers: G V Prakash Kumar
Lyrics: S Gnanakaravel

Metro electric guitars and metallic vocals of composer G.V.Prakash Kumar pave the way for a moody number which has an irresistible feel of yesteryear street rock. The timely usage of harmonica is done with brilliant perfection and the track manages to create a peculiar eerie feel.

Vaal Veesum Vazhkai
Singers: Gaana Bala
Lyrics: S Gnanakaravel

An extremely laid back guitar based composition with stylish Jazz flavor interspersed with Tamil folk. Despite the regular nostalgic chord progression, the track has a novel feel associated with it. Gaana Baala’s expressive voice makes no mistakes in getting a new dimension to this conventional tune. Watch out for the lazy trumpets here and there which strike a unique chord!

Boom Boom Boodham
Singers: Yazin Nizar
Lyrics: S Gnanakaravel

The composer takes 50s cowboy era music genre and gives it a modern makeover to it with a trendy presentation. The fancy lyrics are topped with live drumming and adequate vocal support by Yazin Nazir.  The wonderful electric guitar is the only aspect which makes consistent impact throughout its progress.

Orayiram Ottaigal
Singers: K
Lyrics: S Gnanakaravel

Like all the other tracks in the album, one can see the defined way of guitar usage in this as well. There is an angry electric guitar solo which keeps the track on a higher end.

Verdict: Kirumi is an interesting album with some trendy Gothic flavors to it!
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Kirumi (aka) Kirumi

Kirumi (aka) Kirumi is a Tamil movie with production by JPR Films Production, direction by Anucharan. The cast of Kirumi (aka) Kirumi includes Kathir, Reshmi Menon.