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Gayathri Raghuramm expresses her interest to join Sri Reddy

Telugu actress Sri Reddy, who became a sensation overnight, with her controversial allegations and protests, has now decided to go the legal way for her next move.

Sri Reddy will be filing a legal case against people who make abusive comments on social media, the practice of online abuse. Sri was reportedly quoted as saying, "These fans in the name of Pawan Kalyan have been abusing us to a great extent. This is not fair and we will now take the legal course to address the issue of sexual harassment".

On this note, popular choreographer, and Bigg Boss star Gayathri Raghuramm has expressed her interest to join Sri Reddy on this legal course against online sexual harassment. Gayathri tweeted, "Thank you finally I wish I could join u. The online abuse and harassment has gone out of hand. And we are advised to get out of the social media. But I think no we have freedom and rights social media as everyone. The trolls abuse and harassment should be caught and locked. I don’t support her actions. But online abuse is growing day by day. These social media spreading hate and abuse should be caught. My motive is not her."

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Home > Tamil Movies > Tamil Cinema News

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Pawan Kalyan hits out at Sri Reddy's abuse and media's coverage

Sri Reddy recently turned the attention towards her, through her semi-nude protest against casting couch, and other controversial statements. She also recently abused Telugu superstar Pawan Kalyan for his advice to approach the court for her issues. Adding to this, Sri Reddy made a controversial comment about Pawan Kalyan's mother, and the whole issue got nastier when she showed him the middle finger.

The actor turned politician decided to keep a full stop to this, and he released an array of tweets this morning. He also condemned the Telugu TV channels for sensationalizing her cheap allegations and also for falsely accusing his mother.

He tweeted, "If I cannot defend the honour of my mother, I better die. Before becoming an actor or a political party leader, I am a son first. As a son, If I could not safeguard the honour of mother, I better die than live.

My question to all the media channel heads, would you dare to think of doing the same abuse to Sri CBN (Chandra Babu Naidu) or Sri Lokesh? Will you ever even think of telecasting abusive rants on opposition leader like yesterday? Will you ever attempt on Sri Balakrishna?

But only 'Pawan Kalyan' and his 'aging & frail mother' deserves such abusive rants and repeated telecasts, analysis & debates. So tell me my dear rich & powerful media barons - why this special, exclusive treatment for me & my old mother?

I forgot to tell you Sri.Lokesh calls this senior anchor known as Mr. Samba Siva rao (TV-5) ..affectionately as Uncle.

Hon.Chief Minister Sri.CBN Garu, For these Channels “Legality of Prostitution” is more important than “Special category Status”; hence, most of the time is going for it. What is your priority Respected Sir, as you control the Media?

Interesting fact, The current Dream team also has Mothers, sisters, Daughters , Daughter-in-laws and all the women. But their women are secured and safe but my Poor, frail, aging 70-year-old mother had to get abused for their TRPs and political benefits.

You all love & die for  Shows which will get highest TRPS for your channels, right??.. Good !!I will give the Mother of all Shows."

The Jana Sena Party chief has been receiving support from various corners in the industry, and a big press meet is also expected to happen.

*tweets are not spell-checked

Gayathri Raghuramm expresses her interest to join Sri Reddy

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