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By Behindwoods News Bureau | Sep 11, 2018 04:03 PM
tea seller becomes internet\'s latest sensation

A quick Google search will tell you that tea is the most popular beverage in India. While some do enjoy caffeine in the morning, a cup of tea is unbeatable, as claimed by the majority.

And then, come evening, we can't do without our tea and biscuits. This is also the perfect opportunity for roadside tea-sellers to come up with quirky ideas to attract people. A new video making rounds on social media shows a skilful tea-seller who delivers a unique experience to customers.

The 40-second clip shows a tea-seller from Kerala prepare 4 glasses of tea. But wait, it isn't any ordinary glass of tea. The hot beverage is separated in three different layers - tea, cream, and froth. But then tea is mean to be enjoyed not as separate flavours, but as a concoction.

The real drama begins when the man picks up the four glasses, one after the other, swirls them around so swiftly without spilling a single drop. And voila, tea is served!


Take a look


Twitterati were soon left wondering how the man managed to pull off this stunt. Some tried applying the laws of physics, while others felt that the man deserves a Padma Shri for this amazing act. Here are some of the best reactions