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By Behindwoods News Bureau | Dec 01, 2018 10:47 AM
Man dressed up like dustbin conveys important message for society

36-year-old Bishnu Bhagat dresses himself up with colourful polythene bags and goes from place to place on the streets of Odisha. He doesn't mind being referred to as a "walking dustbin", because the underlying message behind his act is extremely important.

"If I look ugly to you, think about earth and what we have made it."

With "Save Future", "Don't use polythene bags", written all over his body, Bhagat goes to different schools to spread awareness among children about the harmful effects of using polythene bags.

"I noticed a cow eating food wrapped in polythene bags. Along with the food, it would also eat the polythene. Few days later, it died. This event stirred me and I decided to do my bit for the environment and the animals," said Bhagat.

Sanjana, one of the school students, said, "From Mr Bhagat I learnt that I should not use polythene bags and also encourage my friends and family members to stop its use."


Aloka Dutta, the principal of a school in Mayurbhanj, said that the moment the man entered the school, there was a lot of buzz among the students. They knew he would talk about something related to polythene.

"I appreciate Mr Bhagat's unique idea of dressing himself up with polythene bags to draw attention. This way, he had children's interest and they learnt important life lesson from him," she said.

Bhagat's message is very crucial for today's society and it needs to be heard. However, despite multiple campaigns and requests by the government, polythene bag use is still rampant across the country.