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Album Release Date : Sep 27,2015
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Production: Nallusamy Pictures, Star Film Land
Cast: Chandini, Harish Kalyan, Samskruthy Shenoy, Shrusti Dange, Sri
Direction: Ramesh Subramaniam
Screenplay: Ramesh Subramaniam
Story: Ramesh Subramaniam
Music: Navin
Background score: Navin
Editing: Antony L Ruben

Navin is a talent to watch out for as he definitely knows what works in terms of sound, which is modern while the lyrics are feel-good and breezy. There is an interestingly fine balance between the music and lyrics. The male voices in all the songs have been handled by well-known composers and the lyrics are well enunciated and clear, which is a major plus for the album. Also, the absence of the ubiquitous kuthu or gaana tracks can be a dealbreaker for some while a welcome relief for many others.

Aale Saachuputta
Singers: Anirudh
Lyrics: Ekadesi

Anirudh Ravichander’s voice lures you into the song. This composer has emoted his lines well and that is a big attraction of this number. Ekadasi’s lyrics are easy on the ears. Even when you hear the song for the first time, the effect is a gentle stealing of the heart. The composer has used a catchy tune and doesn’t try to storm your senses with too many layers to the song.

Kurum Padamae
Singers: GV Prakash Kumar, Vandhana Srinivasan
Lyrics: Madan Karky

The lyrics work and so we won’t hesitate giving a pat on the shoulder for Madhan Karky’s imagination. Vandana’s singing is mellifluous and she is bound a get a few more fans out of this song. G V Prakash Kumar's voice is all too familiar, thus making it a love song we've heard way too many times before. And, this is not enough of a standout number to merit a reprise.

Neeyum Adi Naanum
Singers: AV Pooja, D Imman
Lyrics: Vijay Sagar

A weak number somewhat saved by the voices of D Imman and AV Pooja, which lends it an interesting charm.

Verdict: The music of Vil Ambu is peppy, charming and hummable, but fails to deliver us with material that would wow our senses.
( 2.5 / 5.0 )


Vil Ambu (aka) Vil Ambu

Vil Ambu (aka) Vil Ambu is a Tamil movie with production by Nallusamy Pictures, Star Film Land, direction by Ramesh Subramaniam, editing by Antony L Ruben. The cast of Vil Ambu (aka) Vil Ambu includes Chandini, Harish Kalyan, Samskruthy Shenoy, Shrusti Dange, Sri.