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Heroines can become an overnight sensation if it's the right project. Thanks to directors like Balachander, Bharathiraja and Balu Mahendra, casting female artists became a process more than just going by the looks. With Gautham Vasudev Menon coming in, the director had a gifted eye to scout for actresses and make them look surprisingly beautiful. Alphonse Putharen's three lady actors in Premam are touted to be associated with the best of the projects in the future. 
One such recent addition to the drool evoking sensation is Irudhi Suttru fame Ritika Singh. In the name of Ezhil Madhi, the Nochikuppam fisher woman, Ritika has marketed herself as the most promising actor through her spell binding performance in the Sudha Kongara directed bilingual. Getting to hug Madhavan, be a part of a film that has names like Rajkumar Hirani and Santhosh Narayan is all fine, but the real life martial art expert has made me reconsider marriage. 
I very rarely tend to develop this hopeless crush on heroines considering the fact that the possibility of making the celebrity understand that she means the world to you is almost nil. I try to avoid the feeling and move on. But Ritika has made things worse. I am not able to get over her. I might not take a pixilated printout of her photo and stick to my wall but she is definitely all over me. Kudos to the casting director in conquering such a force and baptizing it for a soulful film, Ritika's inhibition-less performance has made me instantly fall in love with her.        
Be it the lip-sync or looking all pumped-up during a fight, Ritika's skill set outside the ring has taken me by surprise. A Mumbai born voicing the most naive slang in India and emoting a variety of rasaas in her no-makeup face, this girl cannot be a one film wonder. With the gifted ability to forget that you're being filmed and enact a scene like actually belonging to that particular set up in a particular frame of mind; kudos to everybody associated in bringing the best from her. 
If 50 lakhs were spent to beautify Katrina's hair in Fitoor, Ritika can still look ravishing after 8 hours of boxing practice. Apart from the looks which get basically noticed from a newbie, there is this sudden transformation scene where she wears a saree; I haven't blushed like that in a really long time. Ritika is, looks combined with grace and performance. Anger or being smitten by love, the boxer showed experience and depth in her act when every time an angle favoured her. The body language of a boxer and the temperament of a person with suppressed emotions, this girl just like Madhavan says, is a born champion. More than making the whole write-up sound like a love letter that’s never going to reach Ritika, my deep respect and admiration for the first timer is immense. Considering the kind of expressions and impromptu reactions she pulled off innd Ey Saakaara song, or showing distress just with a stare at the interval block, the actor has meticulously prepared and worked really hard on her scenes. Apart from the undeniable fact that Ritika is fit as a fiddle, her features are no less. Everything about her is exciting and raw!     
Irudhi Suttru is just an introductory affair; the real knockout starts from now on. Ritika has to sign her next film with a sound mind and a clear understanding of the project. Neither a candy floss nor stamped as the next Vijayshanthi, Ritika should break the stereotype and do another remarkable film to continue the winning streak. Having said that I’m a huge fan of Ritika Singh, I also expect her to work with the best of the minds, take acting seriously and of course make me love her more and more. Sensing a genuine liking for her, Ritika cannot be one of those heroines who move away from limelight over a period of time. Her uncontrollable energy needs to be extracted for better acts and she has to be the torch bearer for lot other women deprived of a chance. When I interviewed her, she had the audacity to accept that she’s not a boxer at all and there are so many other talented boxers in India. Also imagining Ritika to be a fun loving person, who doesn’t punch on any face, I’m booking my tickets to Mumbai to express my love. Bye for now!   

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