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'Beep Beep Beep' ! ! ! , Beep Song, ARREST Simbu Anirudh - BEEP SONG CONTROVERSY


Be it Beep or Beef, most of the nation wants to ban it. The controversial kid of Kollywood, STR is back to headlines this time for a song which didn’t even have a formal release. Before trying to voice my concern over the petty issue (according to me) as a journalist, I want to hereby declare saying that, ‘when enough of news was being reported about Chennai Floods, there was a definite scarcity and here comes a timely swindle to hold on to’.  


What if there was a society with nothing being reported or sensationalized about? When lot more is waiting to be brought to the public’s notice, here is me who is also trying to sound smart and convincing about the Beep song. From freedom of speech and expression to the growing hypocrisy in the country, what it exactly takes to lead a life of serenity and prosperity among this entire nuisance?


Little Superstar to Young superstar, Simbu has gone through a transformation in which every step of it was made into a news. What really goes into his head is quite unknown, but for sure, he is a potential talent who rarely gets to testify. Whether it was his frankness or his characteristic rebellious nature, Simbu has always been a part of contentious phenomena. The versatile artist had his days at the box-office and award functions but of late, TR’s elder son is only associated with news making deeds.


After Vaalu’s release, Simbu got busy with Kaan directed by Selvaraghavan but that also got dropped. Now Simbu is on the verge of completing Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada with Gautham Menon. Though Idhu Namma Aalu and Vettai Mannan are still waiting to be completed, Simbu’s progress in the industry is definitely a little slow and he has managed to make it to the headlines despite not having releases. After the loss of position in the recently conducted Nadigar Sangam Elections, Simbu has been low-key factor except for the soliloquy he made at Inimey Ippadithaan audio launch.


Despite Vaalu’s show at the box-office or no fruitful signing of future projects, Simbu has once again made it to the news because of the unofficial release of the Beep song. Giving it a listen over a couple times, the song seems to be on the usual lines of Simbu’s attitude towards the suffering and grief from the loss of a loved one. Though there are instances where the lyrics sound genuine and hope giving, the shortcomings of the beep and the placement has created all the hype and trouble. Interesting twist to the tale being the prominence of Anirudh’s voice and also the arrangement of the song, it was unusual to read his statement about the controversy.


Are we taking entertainment way too seriously? When a song from a jamming session gets leaked and then it becomes a sensation, the intention is pretty much clear. The beep was consciously added so that the song doesn’t become a regular outing. It is not new or uncommon to use derogatory remarks about women in songs. Be it the blatant explanation of their beauty or symbolizing the love-making through metaphors, lyricists have used their words to personify the exquisiteness about such extremely private conversations.  


It is natural to involve Simbu into some form of a debacle and be excited to make remarks about his persona, but it’s high time he stops creating space for all this and try channelizing all of his talents into something more exciting. Though pop culture and commercial cinema have been making derogatory remarks about women and womanly factors, Simbu seems to be the scapegoat for the current scenario.


When there are English songs just made on cuss words, this beep filled track might actually not be critical enough for the worldwide audience. Though the acceptance level is something learnt from the kind of schema we are brought up with, would the song or a song praising womanhood is actually going to reposition the condition of women in India?  


India is the same country that rapes women and also prays the female gods. More than taking it as a chance to take it hard on Simbu and once more making him famous, there can definitely be a caution exercised over the sanctity of women, but it is high time we start spending time on further more sensitive issues and not stick to something that adds no value either to the creator or to the listener (reader).


After all, it could have also been ‘Enna Punakku’ku love panra’!!!   

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