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Anjaan's Exclusive First Listen !, Anjaan, Suriya


The initial crowd puller for films are the songs always. UTV and Thirrupathi Brothers produced mega venture Anjaan is aiming for an August 15th release. The audio coming as a treat for Suriya fans on his birthday on July 23rd, here is the exclusive first listen Behindwoods music review team managed to grab.


Known for Yuvan’s compatible ability to give songs that can comprehend the situations briefed by the directors, Anjaan as an album is more of the northern influenced, underworld sounding. This effort needs special mention with Yuvan not vouching for a deliberate hit song.          


Yuvan prefers Ranjith for the peppy intro number where hero has a story to tell! The Congo, electric guitars, harmonic singing, Dj effects and the word bang bang bang with a signature crunch tune is what Yuvan comes up with, for a sure shot hit song. A solid rock number high on rhythms and energy. The Turkish feel with Darbuka establishes a setting with the bass being lifeline of the song making it foot tapping with the lyrics being audible. Guns blazing along, the song makes it a violent celebration.  


A Resurrection song next, starts like a pathos but the bass guitar and the tape strokes coming in will be favoured ! Thanks to his dad, the Shehnai influenced folk song works ! Andrea at her best is supported by the Bhangra beats ! The name Suriya will guarantee the required radio plays. Equally electronic, the trendy romantic number like the late 80's disco feel brings nostalgia.


Pick of the album, a romantic number starting with Hi-hat metronomes and the distortion jarring giving a kick, followed by complex beats in the background. Synthesized Benny Dayal in his usual throw, positions the song upfront. Yuvan seems to comprehend the visuals with special attention given to the detailings in the emotions. The bass drum makes the song head banging. Hear it when you're on a long drive.


Yuvan's album without Yuvan's singing ?  Yuvan's soulful singing with the dholki is a soft Sufi in its own way with chorus I.e Yuvan's voice multiplied !  Anu pallavi is brilliant and Yuvan seems to have experimented with his singing. One of the softest songs of the year you can listen all day long ! A melancholic brilliance ! Needs repeated listening to patronize it. Special mention to the singer who does the high pitch ragamalika.


A must want kuthu-item song Lingu has asked for, Yuvan goes back to his Billa days. After a long time, a slow paced fun song with an Arabic feel making it sensual. Veenai used in the opening lines of the verses are a classic move for a tripping song. Synth notes and electrolysed tones make the song really tight inspite of the slowness. A toxic song, purposefully packaged with lots of highs and lows, even going mute at times.


The above descriptions from the listening session pretty much gives you what you can expect and adhere to, from the album. Stay tuned for the Anjaan music review.     


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