Gone are the days when celebs from the South were lampooned by their Bollywood contemporaries for being unabashed fatties who had no qualms about showing off their jelly bellies and cellulite (gasp!) in outfits that had to be stitched onto them. Nowadays, a lot of stars from the South are fitness freaks and have inspired their fans also to adopt a healthier lifestyle. We have dug up fitness secrets of stars who can boast of the hottest bods in the business for your viewing and drooling pleasure. Enjoy!
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Suriya was always lean and toned but it was with Vaaranam Aayiram that his body acquired the legendary status it can boast of today. The actor met Aamir Khan who was shooting for Ghajini and it was on the latter’s advice that he hired Alkhas, a trainer to help his body become properly chiseled.

Suriya eats small meals recommended by his dietician every few hours to keep his metabolic rates high and religiously avoids oily food, sugar, white bread, rice, red meat and fried stuff. Needless to say he also hits the gym with a vengeance and incorporates cardio and weight training into his routine. The actor says the effort has paid off but he does miss eating out with wife, Jo who is a foodie and loves desserts which they used to share in the good old days before he became a fitness freak.
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