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The under weight hero is now the heavy weight champion. , Dhanush, VIP


How did Venkatesh Prabhu become Dhanush ? What made the malnourished like feebly made boy into a man who is having Vijay- Ajith like opening for his 25th film as a hero. Thanks to his brother's (Selvaraghavan) compulsion, Venkatesh Prabhu had the very first need and necessity to compulsorily transform to a Dhanush for a bold take on adults, Thullavadho Ilamai. Dhanush's realistic portrayals of a school going kid with typical wants are still remembered. For a newbie to pull it off is still a mystery. The film worked big time at box office and gave the unexpected recognition for the school boy skipping 10th exams for the shoot.   

Towards the climax portion of the film, Dhanush comes back to his school as a functioning Army officer. If he does the very same scene now, people are already ready to accept him for the very little weight he's managed to put on (father of two), of course the facial hair and maturing to a top class national award winning actor that he is today.
There was all possibilities for Dhanush to have gone unnoticed and be a one movie hero. But the Indian Bruce Lee is marching towards his 25th movie VIP. For an upcoming actor, the second outing is as important as the first movie. A genius college going orphan with childhood issues develops introspective love for his fellow friend. The dead pan acting from Dhanush out-bursting into an obsessed lover scoring high on poignant crying and dance moves in Kadhal Kondein had a dream run at box office almost fetching Dhanush a film fare award for the second film itself. 
It is every actor's, in our case hero's reverie to have three back to back hits. With the ideal launch from his brother-director Selvaraghavan, Dhanush tasted stardom, reached corners, became a household name with Manmatha Raasa fame Thiruda Thirudi that had a kushi like love story. The boy next door look fetched Dhanush easy entry to people's recall. The C centric movie worked big time for the masses. By this time, industry knew who Dhanush is and what he can do on screen. 
Then came the lull that every wannabe hero has to go through. Career dip is a learning curve. It evolves the individual making him work on his strengths and negate the weaknesses. Puthukottaiyilirundhu Saravanan had Dhanush debuting as a singer for Yuvan. The movie gained average response with nothing much to offer for Dhanush. Ramana's larger than life positioning of Dhanush in Sullan was way too early for him to go along the most aspired route for a commercial hero and it bombed.
With everything going wrong with Dreams and Devathaiyai Kanden, then came in the life saver. Balumahendra's ability to cast potential artists and give them a bait to earn themselves a lifetime of a reward is a priceless opportunity. Bad films are also important for career growth. The list of bad films you do is directly proportional to what you learn from it as well. By the time Dhanush did Adhu Oru Kana Kalam, his acting prowess had noticeably grown. This film gave him everything that he was desperately in need of. By now, Dhanush was somebody who could act. 
Next came in the revelation sorts for the hero/actor propelling kokki kumar to an invincible political gangster. Pudhupettai, is till date considered both the brother's best movie for its biographic rawness of a localized character taking underworld by storm. From here is where, Dhanush started having faithful followers for such a meaty role exploiting all his acting credentials. It will forever be the best of the actor for his outrageously brilliant acting in such a role. In fact, the movie was too much realism for the soft hearted Tamil audience by then not working at box office. Great films are meant to be average grosser.   
Then it was Dhanush all the way. A young rebel wanting to make money in the formulaic Thiruvilayadal Arambam showed his acceptable ability to fight, love, be humorous and eventually win. Kannada remake Parattai Engira Azhagusundaram was a mistake of his life. May be he wanted to work with director who made magic with his father in law, Suresh Krishna. Like a vicious circle of hits and flops, everything got compensated with Polladhavan. The effortless Dhanush goes shirtless in the climax to bash up the baddie in high speed. Polladhavan stamped the growing actor as a bankable star with his acting as a desperate middle-class youth fighting to get his stolen bike back. 
Dhanush then went on a remake spree. His brother's Telugu original was made Yaradi Nee Mohini, a major hit. Dhanush still has this ongoing chemistry with all the fathers in his movies. His love for this girl, giving up the same for his beloved friend and specifically his trademark hopeless facial expression makes him one among us. Dhanush by this time had developed an ease to be on screen. Padikathavan, Kutty and Uthama Puthiran were must do films to not have career gaps, run of the mill, ordinary movies for him. 
One good film can make people forget 8 odd bad films. Vetrimaran gives Dhanush the most steering film of his life. K.P. Karuppu went to Delhi bagging national award for his close to real role of a Madurai guy with a regular life driven by craze for cock-fights. His body language, slang of the local and the down to earth performance gave him all the accolades he is enjoying now ! Dhanush is one hero who plays roles catering to his looks and age. 
Like Suriya, Dhanush also goes with commercial movies and movies of content hand in hand. Regretting Maaplai and Venghai, saviour of Dhanush, Selvaraghavan keeps bringing out the long time no see actor in Dhanush. Dhanush also became a complete lyricist for GV's tunes through 'Pirai thedum iravile'. A disoriented photographer makes it big by the indomitable support from his wife. Dhanush with his shrewd playing of mentally disturbed continued for his wife's début film as well. Dhanush came right away from the sets of Mayakkam Enna to play a school boy (at his late 20's) with traces of bi-polar that leads to a monologue of him trying to commit suicide in the climax was a tear jerker. 3 gave him world wide recognition for the "Why this Kolaveri wave" across the world over night.
The actor/ song writer/ singer Dhanush discovers a Wunderbar that can make hit films. Though busy with producing blockbuster like Ethirneechal, our kolaveri boy packed his bags to the industry that gave superstars like Amithabh and Shahrukh. Pairing with dusky beauty Sonam Kapoor, Dhanush plays a hardcore lover going through a series if changes in life. His control over the diction of the language, his new profound acting that was totally fresh to Bollywood took the north by storm. Dhanush overnight became a Pan Indian actor authorized with Film Fare and lot more palms. 
When Dhanush was bored being home, he got out and did Naiiyandi. Let's not go there. Bharath Bala after years of firsthand experience on ad film making and the award wining Vande Mataram video, he decided to cast the Dhanush for his full length feature film. Mariyaan, a fisherman's tale of love and separation sited Dhanush going on a survival feat. His dramatics, to the point he encompasses the role is all the hallmark of a seasoned actor. Dhanush does movies that works for him or does movies that work at box office. Mariyaan authenticated the actor in Dhanush once again. 
To where Dhanush was, is done. Now, what will Dhanush be ? Our industry, for years have been designed on the actor/hero contemporaries. With male artists sealing their own place and the rest all belonging to group of actors, Dhanush will have his own piece of land in Kodambakkam. The thunderous opening VIP has been getting pretty much shows, towards what the then boy next door has altered into a league of his own paring up with the living legend Amitabh for Shamitab. 
When somebody in the industry also makes money and also has lots of awards aligned in the drawing room, then they are definitely the respected money spinners becoming immortal film personalities. 
With over 5 projects done, they become famous, with over 15 projects, they are experienced artists. Surviving as a front-line hero marching towards his 26th film, Dhanush might have seen a lot with respect to the industry. Post VIP, Dhanush has also reached the etiquette spot of fan fare and the magical Friday morning. Of all ? The way he carried the gift as well a remorseful responsibility of being the Superstar's in law symbolizes his off screen charisma. The under weight hero is now the heavy weight champion.  
Written by Abishek Raaja

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