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Director Deekay is the man of the moment. His movie, Yaamirukka Bayamey has surpassed big releases, held on to its own, and crossed the landmark 50 days. Yaamirukka Bayamey is a movie that achieved because of the strong word of the mouth, because the audience really loved the movie, and because people thronged the theaters multiple times. All credits go to its director - Deekay.

But, over the phone, Deekay’s voice shows no excitement – his voice is strong and steady, uncharacteristic of someone who has produced one of the biggest hits of 2014 in Tamil Cinema.

He thanks the press, media and audience for the support they had showered on his debut movie. And, he clearly has his stats – he says, “Most of my audience had watched the movie a minimum of three times in the theaters – not because the film offered something new every time, it’s because they loved the experience Yaamirukka Bayamey provided. I am happy for that.”

When asked whether he expected repeat audience, the director says, “I tried my best to keep an engaging element in every scene. That’s how I designed the script, and that has paid off.”

On further discussion, Deekay presents himself as a man who had analyzed on what worked, what did not work and why it did not work, as well.

He says, “Many complained about the first 20 minutes.”

However, if given a second chance, he says that he would not change the first 20 minutes. He stands by his script, “I firmly believe the first 20 minutes could not be changed. Without that, the climax will not be effective.”

He also has reasons on why the initial sequences might have not worked. “We promoted Yaamirukka Bayamey as a Horror movie, and the first 20 minutes might have deceived the audience.”

Then he talks about his team. “This victory totally belongs to my team. With a team like mine, it would be a surprise only if the movie did not work. I had a character which would turn impotent. And, I had scenes that attacked Rupa Manjari directly – the ppaah scene, and another in which a few drunkards throw up as soon as they see her. But she, and everyone else, were all game about such scenes. They trusted me and never complained. These image breaking exercises is what I want to do, and what I will do.”

He took time to thank his lead actors – Kreshna, Rupa Manjari, Oviya, Karunakaran, and others, and also his producers – RS Infotainment for their cooperation.

Finally, I asked him about his next script. He says it will be as surprising and fresh as Yaamirukka Bayamey, but on a different line. He also confirmed that the script will be nowhere related to Yaamirukka Bayamey.

Well Deekay – Surprise us.


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