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Who is Thegidi's Purushothaman Vallabha?, Ashok Selvan, Janani Iyer


P Ramesh’s debut directorial - Thegidi, starring Ashok Selvan, Janani Iyer and Jayaprakash, was definitely a breath of fresh air, in recent times. The movie has a rock solid script, excellent music, adequate acting, and a suspense that sure keeps the audience guessing till the last minute, and after - with its one unanswered question.
With a strong word of mouth and increased shows, the question only gets louder - Who is Purushothaman Vallabha? 
We get a glimpse of Vallabha from behind, and he should be in his forties, and should have shared a good rapport with Professor Govardhan. We, at Behindwoods, have four choices on who Purushothaman Vallabha might be!
1. Someone not shown in the movie
This probably is the most obvious and easy choice for the director to make. However, with the effort and hard work, Ramesh had put in penning the script – this should be the last possible option.
2. Inspector Raghuram
If an insurance company had pocketed money for fake accidents, what were the police doing and what about the police department’s FIRs? One very basic fact that was overlooked throughout the movie was the police’s involvement in the case.
Raghuram was very light with Vetri - who was present in two crime scenes. He also gives Vetri a free hand every time – be it in Sailesh’s house or the final pre-climax catch – whatever may be the impression Vetri might have made on him, he still had to act as the police he was!
There are certain scenes that suggest the contrary as well – he is the one who investigates the tea vendor boy and Sadagopan. Well, if Raghuram isn’t, the director should definitely have some explanations for these loose ends left.
3. Vetri’s Father
Every time, Vetri visits Professor Govardhan, we see a man in the backdrop - the first time, we see him reading a newspaper, and in the second time, when Vetri drops in with Madhu and Nambi, we see him skulk out. So, taking that Vallabha does not live with Govardhan, it seems as though Vallabha always made a conspicuous effort to meet Vetri – but decided against the meeting. This suggests Vallabha might be Vetri’s father, and was waiting for the right time to expose his alias identity.
Also, in the final scene, just before Vetri gets the visiting card, we see a frame of Nambi, Madhu, the military aunty, and Madhu’s friend. Vetri’s father, who was shown using a computer, is not seen around – maybe, he lurked out to make the call to Vetri!
4. The first professor
This might be the most eccentric choice of the four - but, as well made thrillers do, Thegidi might surprise us with this oddball alternative.
Our reason on why this professor might be the mystery man is that he is the one who sets up Vetri’s first meeting with Govardhan. He tells Vetri, “Since you belong to his (Govardhan’s) last batch, he will have an emotional bonding with you – so, why don’t you meet him personally.” 
​All we can do is to speculate as the final word belongs to the director. 
When asked, Ramesh says, “All questions will be answered in Thegidi-2. But, I am not sure whether that will be my next film.”
In Thegidi, when asked on what he thinks is the most important quality required for detective assignments - Vetri says, “Patience.”

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