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It is a Horror Movie

Yaamiruka Bayamey has all the clichéd, yet gratifying elements of horror movies - a mansion haunted by a dead girl, and her desire; circumstantial suspects who mislead the proceedings; silence followed by screams, and screams followed by silence; sounds and visual gimmickry to intensify the thrills hidden in closets and cupboards.

Editor Sreekar Prasad and DoP Rami deserve special mention for their efforts, as they rely less on visual effects, and exploit the maximum with scene cuts and imagery.


It is a Comedy Movie

Despite being a horror movie, Yaamiruka Bayamey’s USP is its comic track, and in fact the comics work better than the horrors. Kanchana (Muni 2) tapped this style of serving thrills when jokes are expected, and vice versa, effectively. This movie only takes it further.


It has Good Performances

The lead actors have delivered excellent performances – especially Kreshna, as Kiran, and Karunakaran, as Sharath.

Kreshna delivers a neat performance - the scene in which he tries to catch the eye of Rupa Manjari (as Smitha), without realizing that the ghost has taken over her speaks volumes of his histrionic abilities.

Karunakaran seems to know the pulse of the audience. Every time he does something, the theater erupts with glee, right on cue. He and his dialogues - such as ‘pei kutha vechu ukanthu irukku’, and ’intha kolaiya yaaru accountla sepeenga’ – play a big role in keeping the movie engaging.


Increased Theatres

With strong word of mouth, the movie has already emerged as a crowd’s favorite. Initially it was released in 260 screens across the state, and the theatre count will rise to around 300 screens the coming week.

Chances are that this movie will be the one being screened in your nearest theatre.


For the Audience's Response

The audience’s rapture and rapture is one experience to watch for in the theatres. Their shrieks and cries are genuine emotions triggered by the team’s hard work.

Just before the intermission (or in-terror-mission), when the supernaturalism of the mansion is  confirmed, the entire theater gasps in unison – this one moment stands proof for the responsiveness cinema invokes within people.


To know about the mirror ghost

The movie also introduces us to the pig faced man, who was sawed to death. According to the narrative, the worse part of his death is that he, in a mirror, watched himself being severed. And, from then, he dwells in the mirrors. Anyone who calls him through a mirror would feel his wrath.

So, the next time, think twice, when you are before any reflective surface – say a mirror, a pool or a computer screen. Even if you are before such surfaces, never say the words he hates the most – "Vaa da.. Vaa da.. Panni Moonj







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