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Kochadaiiyaan ‘Rana’ answers questions of Behindwoods Correspondent, Kochadaiiyaan, Superstar Ra


Spoilers ahead...

Superstar Rajinikanth’s long-in-the-making Kochadaiiyaan released yesterday (on May 23 2014), and has opened up to positive reviews


The movie has Rajinikanth playing three roles, tailor made for him – Kochadaiiyaan, Rana and Sena.

Kochadaiiyaan is the ultimate warrior, and commands respect and admiration from all his countrymen, even more than the King. And, Rana is the ultimate hero – he suffers years, hiding his identity, to set right, the wrongs inflicted on his father.

However, the biggest revelation was Nagesh - he totally stole the show with his trademark mannerisms and dialogue delivery. He stands proof for what this technology is capable of – immortalizing our mortal legends.

Suggestions and opinions on what could have made the movie better have filled the various Social Media feeds - most of those have been answered in the movie, itself – as ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ Rana’s dialogues.

What follows is an account of those ‘unintentional’ answers.

Looks like Soundarya has made a solid first step in Cinema - the industry ruled by Rajinikanth, her father…
“Athey ratham, appadi thaan irukkum.” [Same lineage, that’s how it will be.]
She has directed India’s first Motion Capture Film - that's big. How did the opportunity happen?
“Vaaipugal amaiyaathu. Naam thaan amaithu kolla vendum.”  [Opportunities don’t happen. You have to make them happen.]
The common consensus among people is that the technology, it being the primary distinctiveness of the movie, could have been used better. Was the option of outsourcing the project to more established technicians from abroad considered? It could have resulted in a better product, for a slightly bigger budget, right?
“Panathaal santhoshathai vaadagaikku vaangalaam, vilaiku vaanga mudiyathu.” [Money can rent happiness but it cannot buy joy.]
What did Soundarya tell Rajinikanth, when he was hospitalized, when there was a possibility that he would no longer be a part of Kochadaiiyaan?
“Appa, ungalaal seiya mudiyaathathai, naan seigiren.” [Father, I will do what you could not do.]
Did you know that Rajinikanth’s fans had performed pujas and yatras for his recovery? For a man, who commands so much love and affection, him getting back alright, and into action so soon, isn’t surprising.
“Makkal ninaithaal, maranathaiye thandithu viduvaargal.” [If your loved ones wish so, even death can be cheated.]
Which avatar Rajinikanth prefers more - The Animated or The Real?
“Vesham poduvathu enru aagi vittadhu, ini pagal enna, iravu enna?” [As long as an actor has a role to perform, the nature of the role won’t matter.]
How should Rajinikanth fans respond to the cynics who undermine the effort spent, and propagate the movie as a cartoon?
“Ethirigalai olikka ethanaiyo vazhigal irukkirathu. Muthal vazhi – Mannippu.” [There are ample ways to get back at our enemies. The first among them – Amnesty.]
Will the movie hit the jackpot?
“Mudivurai thelintha neerodai pola theriyum pozhuthu, munnurai etharkku.” [Why do you need a preamble, when the end is crystal clear?]
Thank You ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ Rana. It was a pleasure.

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