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I love you Rajini! Through Apoorva Raagangal, you opened the gate for the alternate cinema. The alternate cinema was your own 'Thani vazhi' of entertainment. You represented us and fought for us. You loved your brothers. You cared for your sisters. You worshiped your mother. You respected your father. You taught us values like hard-work, equality and humility. You looked like us. You could not dance and that was the best. Your innocence and ophidiophobia were cute. You rarely had makeovers, because the just YOU was enough. You were the real ‘you’ off screen. You made cigarette a style quotient. Unbuttoned shirt over a tee became a trend. Auto-drivers started wearing shoes. Just your dialogues had all the action and fizz, because it comes with a punch. It just takes a song to become famous and rich. It was cooler to get beaten up first. You are a magician. Your mere presence sends excitement. There is something about your walk that ultra speed cameras are still trying to figure out.   
Farmers, laborers, spiritual gurus, underworld dons, crooks, servers, cops, milk-men, servants and even robots felt special. Who had the guts to attend events without the wig? Who preferred to shun away politics amidst the fanfare and public following? Who voiced for causes? Who never misused the ardent fanatics? It was all YOU. 
When I read the book, 'My days with Baasha', I knew why you are the indisputable Superstar of Tamil cinema. When you know what audience wants, what went wrong with Lingaa? Where were the Rajini moments? Over 175 films to credit, there had been few errors. You were always accurate about what we wanted and what entertained us. When Billa, Murattu Kaalai, Annamalai, Baasha, Padayappa, Sivaji and Endhiran are stand alone examples of blockbuster movies ever made in Tamil, is Lingaa your best? We have never seen you scoring anything less than a century. You are born to win. You don't have a choice. You can never get tired of breaking records. That's your gift as well a curse. 
You are my alibi. When I miserably fail, you come to my support. The gregarious smile, strands of hair on your fore-head, the petite eyes, sharp nose and not forgetting the gimmicks, you are one of a kind. You are an inspiring story. Your hardships are examples for the aspirants. Where did all the calculative moves go? The only disappointment was not able to get FDFS tickets, never your movie. When we obeyed you and not our parents, when we stopped smoking because you did, when we waited for your releases to celebrate festivals, Lingaa is not what you give us. 
Rajinikanth is not a rechristened name. It is a tag. It is our pride. When the North thinks you defy gravity, we know who you really are. You resurrected from failure. You are a phoenix. There is something about the screenplay, story and YOU. There had been duds. Come back with a BANG! I love you Rajini!

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