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When marriages are made in heaven, then it is definitely rehearsed by actors at their shooting sets.
Bobby Simha and Reshmi Menon's love bug bit me to come up with this piece on reel to real love in cinema. 
Starting from the comedian pair NSK and Madhuram, the tinsel town has had lots of celebrity marriages. These marriages are same as other marriages too, but both the bride and the groom here are celebrities and everything about their love life is like an open book and they are constantly in the limelight. If the industry, media and also the readers treat the affairs with some calmness, actors in love would deal with their love stories a lot better. . 
Going by a random conclusion, like-minded people who have the opportunity to act or work more than once together are either encouraged by the commoners to indulge themselves in love or the celebrities themselves give it a try. There is a lot of drama associated with cinema and cinema related things.
When Kamal and Sarika parted ways, it was the press they had to deal with more than other important issues. Gemini Ganesan, the quintessential Kadhal Mannan of the industry married Savithri only after numerous rumors. On the contrary, media never reports about a couple unless something is really cooking. It might either be a casual friendship or love for real, dating within the industry is a huge task. Couples like Bhagyaraj and Poornima Bhagyaraj stand as example for long standing meaningful relationship.
When two individuals not necessarily a hero or a heroine, have more time to explore and understand each other, love comes as an excuse to spend some extra hours. Next to folklore, it is cinema that establishes and reflects the histrionics of love to us. From running around the tree to giving up their own life, films periodically tell us what love is. As a person from the field of films, you tend to get along with somebody who understands your off-screen persona and also be inspired by the talent. Though GV Prakash and Saindhavi were schoolmates, it is each other’s talent and also the mutual respect that resulted in their marriage.
“He or she understands the kind of work I do and we comprehend each other’s world at a better rate”, that’s the standard ground rule for celebrities to marry each other. When Suriya and Jyothika, had the coincidence to regularly work together, the love between them grew at a rapid pace. Their travel as co-stars to partners for life was the most sensationalized part of film journalism. Two random people getting married might probably be a custom, but two actors or any film personality marrying someone from the industry will invariably get all the attention. From who attended the sangeet to the honeymoon plans, everything becomes news.
Prasanna and Sneha worked for a film titled Achamundu Achamundu in America for quite some time together. That’s when both had the opportunity to understand each other and decided to take their relationship to the next level. Even directors like RK Selvamani and Sundar C never stopped interesting their heroines Roja and Khushboo respectively. Of course, a lot goes into the celebrities to officially brush aside the rumors and finally be open about their relationship. It took so much of a time for Jyo-Suriya to officially break the silence before they got married. 
It took a film like Amarkalam for Ajith to literally fall in love with Shalini and then marry her the next summer itself. Though celebrity marriages are beyond the lines of religious beliefs and caste system, a great level of acceptance from each other’s family also help them to get married eventually. With equal number of break-ups and baseless linkups, industry has had its share of evergreen pairs getting married for real.
When every partner demands time, respect and unadulterated love, celebrity couples will have their way of showing their affection for the loved one with surprises, costly gifts and unimaginable proposals.  
Radhika and Sarathkumar as a couple stands out as an example for how two people who’ve known each other can actually develop a deep love and manage a modern family. Though these couples might not do all they get to do on silver-screen in real life, the love between each other is lot more real and intense. There are lot other evergreen pairs this writing might have missed to mention, but celebrity based love stories are definitely inspirational and we just need to respect their privacy and leave life to their choices.
We wish Bobby Simha and Reshmi Menon a happy married life and also the best to lot other couples in the industry who are trying so hard to stay in love but away from the tabloids.    

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