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As a film journalist it is more like an occupational mandate to catch the first day first show (FDFS) of any film irrespective of the time, day and location it is releasing on. Yes, even if one stays in Perambur, we need to make it to a theatre in Chrompet if that theatre is showing the film first! 
If you think I am here to complain about my profession, you are wrong. I am here with few inferences that I have gained in the last few months regarding the release of a film with references to the problems films like Uttama Villain, Vaalu, Paayum Puli and Puli have faced recently. Though Viswaroopam is a 2 year old case study, it is the mother of all the cases and taught me the maximum lessons on this topic. 
The other day when my colleague and I discussed about the FDFS timings of Vedalam, my colleague first asked me few questions. Few questions that actually determine if the film will release without any road block.
Question 1
Does the producer have any debt?
This has become an obvious reason for delay in releases of late. Previous financial transactions and current outstanding loans, every such thing seem to creep out just only on the previous day of the planned release. The opposite party to the producer seems to have mastered this cheap strategy without understanding the chain of people who will be affected by ceasing the release of the film. (I am a part of that chain too :( )
The opposite party is not unfair in demanding the cash that it deserves but the act of apathetically forming an obstacle just on the previous night of the theatrical release is more than unfair. If you notice, even the opponent is an active participant of the industry and in my opinion some sympathy must be applied. Because what goes comes back! 
Question 2
Is there a Title/My story  issue?
In the past, we have seen films that have fought legal battle against parties who claim that a title of a specific film or the story belongs to them and that they own it. This again will erupt just a few days before the release, which makes people wonder what they were doing all along. This has become a pattern of sorts now, which gives a lot of stress to the makers.    
Question 3
Any groups fighting to ban the film for a reason ‘x’ ?
Unreasonable implication of bans on films has become more like a hobby to few people. Though it reiterates the impact of the medium, sometimes it is merely unjust to treat an entertainment industry with so much toughness. End of the day, it is fictional and is a virtual medium. 
Vedalam luckily had positive answers to all the above questions. Thus it released without facing any roadblocks. My colleague was also pretty sure that she had to make arrangements to reach the theatre at 4:45 a.m to catch the FDFS! 

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