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Few days back, my friend who was disheartened with her broken relationship came to me as her final resort. I suggested her to listen to music, because according to me even incurable scars are washed away by music. At that very instance my friend asked me if there are any love failure songs from a woman's point of view. That's when a train of thoughts struck me hard, so hard that it has made me write a column dedicated to this issue. Now you may ask me what really is the issue here. I shall explain...
The trend of girl bashing songs has become a mandate than necessary. How many times we have come across a musical number with lyrics addressing the hardships that a woman faces in a failed relationship?  Hardly any! Have we screened ourselves to the other side of the story?
Now let’s stage the same encounter of mine with my friend as a conversation between two men. The friend will say "Indha ponnungalae ippadi thaan purinji pochuda" (Varuthapadatha Vaalibar Sangam) and the victim will say "Adida avala... Odha da avala" (Mayakkam Enna).
Too much violence in the air, right? Now I think you understand what the “issue” is!
Somebody can give me a rejoinder by saying that the men in this film were dismayed in the highest degree. Do we need a better example of dumping than the one in Kandukonden Kandukonden when Aishwarya Rai is jilted by Abbas for a richer girl? Even at that instance she sings, "Engae Enadhu Kavithai" (Where is my Poetry?) and she does not resort to any kind of verbal or lyrical (!) bashing. So when a girl decides to sing a song in this situation, she calls her boyfriend “Kavithai” (Poetry). Can there be a more beautiful and delicate way of describing your love interest?
The recent line up of songs like "Sokanna Ponnu" (Yagavaarayinum Naa Kaaka), "Bitu Padam Dee" (Trisha Illana Nayanthara) and the likes reflect the outlook of men on women in Tamil cinema. Not to forget “Loosu Penne” (Vallavan) “Pray Pannuven” (Idharku Thaanae Aasai Pattai Balakumara) and many more.
Feminism is definitely a wide topic to cover. If this piece of work is categorized as one promoting feminism, I would me more than happy though that was not intended. To conclude, let's make this place a better one for every being of this land by reconsidering the lyrics we write and sing about the equally strong opposite sex of yours. This definitely wouldn't result in a massive change in the outlook of men towards women but as the saying goes “Tiny drops make a mighty ocean”. Let’s begin here!
As we belong to one of the most strong and influential industries, let’s stop the bigotry. The society draws inspiration from films while films draw inspiration from the society. It’s a hand in hand process. Understanding the importance and responsibility of being a filmmaker is crucial. I place my humble request to the present filmmakers to reconsider this growing anti-women trend. First respect women and then you can worship her!

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