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Interview Team : Avinash Pandian; Venkat; L Karthik; Jyothsna; Ashok Kumar

One of the most happening action choreographers right now, Stunt Silva takes time to chat with Avinash Pandian about his working experience in Vedalam and a lot more about Ajith and his dedication.

How different is Vedalam compared to your previous films?

Nothing different. Ajith’s risk will be much talked about, like I have already spoken about the risks he took in Mankatha, Veeram or even Yennai Arindhaal for that matter. Here again he has done some breathtaking stunts which you will realize when you watch the film. I have always been lauded for the efforts that he puts for an action sequence. He has given me some memorable fight scenes, but he also leaves me scared whenever we go on to shoot a scene. He volunteers to take such bold risks. I would say he has taken more risk in Vedalam than all his previous films. He has worked day and night for some of the fight portions.

I will compose an action scene  with some young stunt assistants, and then show Ajith, how it needs to be done. He watches that carefully and tries to do it with utmost perfection. Even when I say it’s good, he will reply back, “No master, I still could match his (the young stunt professional) move”. And he never gives up until he feels that he could recreate what the professional stuntman does.

Ajith leaves me scared

How intuitive is Ajith when it comes to choreography?

Ajith has a very good sense for the script; he knows the pulse of the audience and he can predict what will work and what will not. There have been scenes which are extremely dangerous and fearful and even for such frightening situations, he gives you the required expressions with utmost ease.

Conceptual fights and its rage!

Concept is a Chakra Vyuham, a strategy. So it’s all about the idea; sometimes Vijay sir comes up with a striking idea sometimes Ajith sir tells us how we can go about it. There are instances where the script itself will carry some strategic fight concept. It is all team work which we plan together. Take for example, you will find a concept based action sequence in Run which sits perfectly and it is highly talked about till date. Concept fights if done well, will be successful.

Sometimes Vijay sir comes up with a striking idea

Any distinctive fight scene in Vedalam?

In Vedalam, there will be a fight sequence where he is singing and dancing while hitting the antagonists. A ‘cool mood’ fight. It was stunning to see Ajith perform that scene, that too with the swag of his. That sequence has come out extremely well. Again, it was shot live, Ajith did not want a body double.

About Ajith’s accident during one of the fight scenes?

It was a rain sequence fight between Ajith and one of the antagonists. What happened was, due to a small misjudgment because of rain and other disturbances, the villain mistimed a punch and it went right into Ajith sir’s neck which forced him to faint on the spot. I have never seen him unconscious till date. I know how much pain that man can endure.

I have not seen any pain or fear in his eyes till that incident. When he fainted, it was so disheartening. The villain started crying thinking he was the one responsible for the incident. When everyone was shocked and trying to take him to the hospital, he woke up and said, “I have some pain, can you give 30 minutes? I will get back to shoot”. We were amazed to see his dedication at that moment and we also tried convincing him to cancel the shoot for the day, but he replied back, “No master, it will lead to unnecessary complications and date issues”. I know how much he had to go through that day, I was seeing it right through his eyes. If it had been me, I wouldn’t have got back to the sets, but he did and he also pacified everyone who was frightened and then completed the scene successfully. He could have used a body double that day, but he did not. It was only for his fans. He told me, “They  shower me so much love, if I couldn’t endure this, then what will I do for them?”

There was a time when he got his leg severely injured during Arrambam’s shooting. When I asked him what happened, he told me it was just a normal accident. I asked him back, “Why do you indulge yourself in such risky action scenes?” He replied back, “Adha vidhunga master, idhu 1971 Ambassador model; idhu vodum, kaalu dhanae, oru bolt nutta sari panni mattnaa pochu”. That’s his endurance level. 

"If I couldn’t endure this, then what will I do for my fan?" - Ajith

Why don’t we release, making videos of action scene like they do it for the songs? Very less films use stunt scene making footages for promotions. Why is that so?

I have a YouTube channel and we share the making videos of the stunt scenes I work on. But it’s the production team’s call to use the making videos for promotion or not.

"kaalu dhanae, oru bolt nutta sari panni mattnaa pochu" - Ajith

Do you compose stunts based on actor’s physique?

We compose it based on the script and the characterization. We cannot make a character like a 16 Vayathinile Chappani to fight like Anniyan Vikram. We cannot compose a fight based on body. A character can be lean or fat, but we can compose sequences based only on the script and characterization. 

Stunt doubles, do they get the required fame and recognition?

We don’t feel for not being recognized by the masses. People in the industry know our work. For instance, I was Vikram’s body double in Anniyan. Shankar recognized my work and so did the others in the industry and that was my road to success. That is the recognition that we want and we have been getting.

You have been working in many languages right now. How do you mold yourself to befit them?

People differ from state to state and their working style and tastes differ. I work in 8 languages, I watch films from respective states, meet many people, and understand what they want. You will have to analyze all these and then compose.

Your future films?

Thanga Magan, Dhanush- Durai Senthilkumar’s film, which will start soon. Gautham Menon’s Achcham Yenbadhu Madamaiyada, Puneet’s Kannada film directed by Saravanan (Remake of Tamil film Ivan Vera Mathiri) and a Malayalam film called Style.



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