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Films directly hitting the theatres are a bygone era. Now makers want to capitalize on every little thing that can be marketed. Creating an artificial demand by asking to even wait for the title announcement and then releasing the First-look poster in online social media, fans are made to wait till they get restless. Customizing the designs of the first look poster in the sizes of a DP and cover photo, extra reach is promised here. With such impactful posters by the designers, let's take Suriya's movie 24 in consideration for this article.
When posters were initially made to announce it to the public that the film is having a successful run at theatres, the designs were kept simple with almost all the known faces placed on the poster. But now, from notifying the eyeballs about a film's commencement to special festive wishes from the team or to even gradually unveil the selling point of the project, posters play a major role. In fact, like the Tamil proverb 'Oru Paana Sothuku Oru Soru Padham', the first impression is the best, so posters are given huge importance. Than just going by a simple pattern, posters of today are made with the best of the design tools and software, creating colorful, eye-popping lay-outs. Concept art to graphic novel like compositing, posters are way more than something on a flat surface.            
From Alai to Yaavarum Nalam to 24, the direction in which director Vikram K Kumar is evolving is surprising everybody. After making a blockbuster movie titled Manam in Telugu, Vikram decided to bring back his most ambitious piece of writing to life. Suriya is one actor who has considerably grown from time to time with regard to his acting skills. When RGV says he has the best emoting eyes in trade, I would say Suriya takes the director’s brief like a vedhavaaku and gives his best every time. For a while, Suriya has been approaching his growth in the industry by opting for the commercial route. 
With almost 6 months of strenuous pre-production, soon after Suriya completed shooting for Masss with Venkat Prabhu, this science-fiction film went on floors. Produced by Suriya's 2D entertainment and Studio Green, the story also has Samantha playing the heroine with AR Rahman composing the tunes. 
It was a sleepless night for all the Suriya fans since they were eagerly awaiting the incoming of 24 the movie's first look poster. Touted to be an experimental film with lot of complexities, sources say Vikram has put in a lot of research and dedication in getting the script filmed. 
Having a closer look at the three distinct posters, it all suggests that Suriya gets to don two different roles, one being the genius scientist and the other is a ruthless hit-man. But sources also confirm that Suriya gets to play another role as well. So it’s three times the Suriya in 24 having so much to rejoice.
With a striking debonair look wearing a golden-brown blazer and a vintage pistol on his right, Suriya has the eyes of a killer with a deceiving look to his face because of the beard. A sheer resemblance to Leonardo Dicaprio in Django Unchained, the new-found look has been unanimously received. There is even a belt on the collar of Suriya's blazer that might probably have an importance in the film.  
With Math problems embedded all over the poster, the four corners of the poster have something more to be noticed.  Samantha looking sad, a compass, an eagle, a palace like structure, the angry Suriya and another Suriya wearing a helmet suggesting two time frames, there is also another Suriya jumping out of a train. Such complexities almost give us the jist of the core story raising great expectations. This is extreme creativity at its best and we can conclude that this is one of the best first look posters in the recent past. 
The other two posters being the serious and smiling version of Suriya the scientist, he is dressed in a chic grey colored blazer. These posters also have the influence of high-level calculations, chemical formulae and codes. The kind of helmet Suriya is wearing looks like he's up to some time travel. From the type of color used and the gloss maintained, the fantasy element is emphasized neatly. Designed by Deepak Bhojraj, 24 first look posters have not only got our attention but they also standout from the rest.
With Vijay's Theri also having its first look released, fans are on an excited mode to have their DPs and cover photos changed. Designed by Gopi, the Theri posters have made use of Vijay's electrifying presence making classy designs. One having Vijay looking uber cool with a gun, the poster gives a surreal feel with animated electric waves passing behind him. The other one having the fearsome Vijay, the puzzled Vijay and the villainous Vijay, thanks to the positioning of the characters, the impact is huge. By using world-class presets and latest techniques, Tamil cinema posters are truly international nowadays.
Kabali is also one such poster that had a lot to tell about the film's story. Using Rajini's larger than life persona, Kabali posters had his swag and also Ranjith's vision envisaged in the designs. The first poster having a circular design with few less exposed characters chained together giving us a hint about capitalism, the second poster shows the demi-god seated at his empire with Malaysia at the background. 
Though all the first-look posters don't have exclusive photo-shoots, it is also the photographer's input combined with the director's demand and the designer's ability that we get to see such quality first look posters. More to come? Let's wait then. 

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