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Among the recent Pongal releases, the one that has entertained the masses is the Sivakarthikeyan starrer Rajini Murugan. It has been credited as the first Tamil blockbuster of 2016 and is also said to be the biggest opening for the actor in his career.


When we look at the career graph of this hero, it is steadily on the ascent and with every film of his, the young lad is soaring higher and higher. At a time when there were misgivings about television artists making it big in the film industry, Sivakarthikeyan proved his naysayers wrong by carving success after success with every film.


While the business side of cinema views him as a winning horse, safe enough to bet on, the audience sees him as ‘minimum entertainment guaranteed’. This is indeed a feat that generally heroes achieve after some time and stay in the field. There is an expectation that automatically gets generated whenever his name appears in the cast list.


The reasons are pretty simple as to why this modest man is having the purplest patch in his career.


Primarily, the actor looks very relatable. He could be someone we see in a family gathering or in our office or any normal place that normal people inhabit. He has an advantage of not looking like a STAR who is placed far away in the galaxy. He is just nearby. But of course, it doesn't suffice just to have an ordinary look sans talent. The young man is gifted too with his comic timing as his top forte.


On the topic of his appearance, Sivakarthikeyan has that unique mix of humble, impish and naughty looks which work in great favor for him to play a variety of characters. In Tamil films, it is advantageous to have a Dravidian look that would go well, especially while essaying rural and semi urban roles. Sivakarthikeyan snugly fits into these domains and passes off well as an urban male too.


Whatever said, humor centric films will continue to have a wide patronage that brings in the women, children and the family audience to the theatres. When this segment of the audience has been impressed, an actor covers a massive chunk of the viewers’ base. Sivakarthikeyan checks-in this box effortlessly.


Earlier on there were aspersions cast on the actor’s dancing and action skills. But with every film, there is a tremendous improvement on that turf too which fetches him brownie points.


An integral aspect of an actor’s career is the selection of right scripts which fortunately Sivakarthikeyan has managed to do well till now. He has so far done nine films in Tamil and his success rate is pretty high.


As regards his upcoming projects, he is currently working with debutant Bakkiyaraj Kannan and the film has brought the best talents in town, in all the departments of film making. The buzz is that he would be experimenting with his looks in the film, the inclusion of Weta workshop in the makeup sector reiterates that.


He also would be collaborating with Ravikumar Rajendran of Indru Netru Naalai fame. From his choices, it is quite evident that the actor is cautious in his steps of growth and if he continues to be vigilant, there is nothing that can stop this hard-working, humble and talented youngster to reach for the skies and craft an important place in Tamil cinema.


Wish you the best Sivakarthikeyan!


Jyothsna Bhavanishankar



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