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When it comes to directors who are true to their stories rather than to the stars or audience, director Suseendhiran’s name would thumpingly figure in the list. His Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu and Azhagar Saamiyin Kudhirai are cases in point.

In the just released Aadhalal Kaadhal Seiveer (AKS), Suseendhiran follows this pattern and tells his story through lesser known and new faces. This works perfect because we actually see the characters and not the actors. It is for this very reason, AKS strikes a raw nerve and turns out to be a REAL film that makes you stand up and put your hands together in appreciation of this frail man’s work.

Mahakavi Bharathi said

காதலினால் மானுடர்க்குக் கலவி யுண்டாம்

கலவியிலே மானுடர்க்குக் கவலை தீரும்;

காதலினால் மானுடர்க்குக் கவிதை யுண்டாம்;

கானமுண்டாம் சிற்பமுதற் கலைக ளுண்டாம்;

ஆதலினால்,காதல் செய்வீர்;உலகத்தீரே

அஃதன்றோ இவ்வுலகத் தலைமை யின்பம்.

When loosely translated - "Love leads to consummation releasing woes. Fine arts like music, poetry or sculpture spring from this feeling. Hence fall in love as this is the ultimate worldly joy"

This was very pertinent to his times when spotting of husband and wife together was considered outlandish and hence Bharathi advocated 'love' to get positive effects in life. But we have come far far away from those days and perhaps that's why Suseendhiran slightly alters his title to Aadhalal Kaadhal Seiveer from Bharathi’s Aadhalinaal Kaadhal Seiveer to drive home his point of what could happen if we are too much and ‘too ahead’ in ‘kaadhal’.

Two young adults from middle class background, fall in love, get intimate, leading to difficult times for them and for their loved ones. Suseendhiran very tautly narrates the hard cruel realities that are bound to hit under such situations without resorting to gloss and frills.

Cinema is something more than just an excuse for munching popcorn and once in a cheesy moon we do get products that are socially conscious and state things in a matter-of-fact way without sermons. We are in a phase where the mood is not for listening to messages from anyone, leave alone films.  Therefore, the practical approach that Suseendhiran adopts, works well as he moves his scenes forward and it is for you to choose what you want.

Jayaprakash and Thulasi are parents who trust their daughter completely while giving her ample freedom. They echo the sentiments of many such couples when they say their daughter is the very reason for their living and her happiness is the only important thing in their life. Of course, they do feel terribly let down, when their daughter goes astray, but all the same, stand by her side and help her tide over the rough patch.

Suspecting your loved ones could be very painful and confusing because there is always a chance that you may be proved wrong which in turn would lead to irreversible result. But when you are established right in your suspicion, it turns agonizing and also plants a doubt about yourself. That’s what happens when Thulasi suspects her daughter Manisha but later wants to apologize totally buying the latter’s devious ways. Complexities of relationships!

The young couple may be under the impression that they are in love but when it comes to facing the ruthless reality, it proves an uphill task for them to scale. And true love isn’t romantic because it is a supportive alliance against the mishaps of life and its disappointments. Suseendhiran clearly unravels this and rips it apart to last piece in the couple’s tryst with various hospitals for a non- permissible act.

And finally, the climax which is easily the best in recent films! Riveting, strikingly different and true!

When you are wondering what Suseendhiran is trying to tell through a song and that too in the last 3 minute with a toddler, he totally stumps you. And there could not be any other REAL ending to the film. It sure does make your eyes go moist with the last shot of the baby screaming in pain with his tender feet in the scorching heat. Would any dialogue or action have conveyed more than what this frame did?

And here is to Suseendhiran, just for this scene alone, a bunch of freshly plucked roses! Way to go!


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