My favourite films

My favourite films

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To begin with I’m not going to say my top 10 or top 20 films. Not playing the numbering game. Just the movies close to my heart.


Kamal Hassan once again proved why he is called legend. The films analysis’s the word terrorism in many perspectives while showing a world not shown in Tamil or even Indian cinema. The sets, sounds, the visual treatment and also that Mass scene of Kamal Hassan were a treat to watch.


The film that shows the life of our ancestors struggling to make a living, being treat like slaves in tea estates. Stunning visuals, performances, and bala’s screenplay hooks you throughout the film. It is a must watch.

Soodhu Kavvum.

How will a minister’s criminal son become a minister? The satirically treatment with essence of comedy is a new concept told in a new way. The screenplay, music, performances and the direction are top notch. 

Aadhaalal kadhal seiveer

Susindheeran’s  story, the climax and yuvan Shankar raja will melt you down towards the end. 

Bharathiraja,Vishal and Susindheeran bring a revenge saga with a neatly etched screenplay. This films cinematography and score are brilliant. The cast and the action sequence will stay even after you out of the cinema hall.

Endrendum punnagai.

A breezy bro-com also maybe clichéd film but the film is lite and make people happy. Not much of bore or dragging.Makes you smile.
rishi selvam

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