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2011 finished on a good note for Tamil film industry which wrapped up the year with some good films, a few moderate ones and a number of duds. Vetri Maaran and his team brought home six National Awards and several other awards at International circuits. The recent announcement from Producer’s Council stating that ‘big’ films can be released only on five important dates in a year appears to be a welcome breather for ‘small’ films. When the going appears to be good for the industry, here is a wish list for the years to come.

Film Industry

Although cinema as Vidya Balan in ‘The Dirty Picture’ says is ‘entertainment, entertainment and entertainment’, we need to have content driven entertaining product. It has been proved time and again that content is the king and nothing else can compete with it. Hence let there be quality content that makes a positive difference to the industry and audience alike.

While talking about content, it is mandatory that the dream merchants weave their magic in a more responsible manner because apart from cricket, cinema is one powerful force that unites people across boundaries in India and has a life altering impact on the impressionable populace. Therefore let there be responsible content. On an offshoot to this wish, let there be films that neither disgrace women nor eulogize them.  

Let us also hope that our filmmakers trash the ‘boy meets girl-instant love-problems-marriage’ route and try to look at million other facets of life and present them interestingly, for, life is not about love always. And let there be clean comedy enjoyable by all spectrums of people rather than wanting to play to the front benchers.

Let there be films made from our literature as there is abundant repository of superlative works in any of our regional languages. It is disheartening as it is that we have churned out a generation who are more at home in western terrain than in our own home turf. Let at least the future generation be aware of our tradition and culture because we need to remain rooted to appreciate other cultures.

And let there be films that work for our sensibilities rather than having Hollywood as a template. They make films for their audience and let us make for ours. As Vetri Maaran says when we do films close to our roots, they are sure to connect with the audience.

While talking about our own stories, let there be no ‘inspired’ work from world cinema and even if finds place in the screens for ‘acceptable’ reasons, let us have the courage to pose a ‘thank you’ note in credits. This goes well for music tracks too!

Let there be more tolerance from the film community and accept positive criticism towards their work in a dignified manner. After all, a holistic and matured feedback goes a long way in honing and perfecting one’s skill in any department.  

Script writers have been given a ‘not so respectable’ treatment especially in Tamil which is unpardonable. Let this trend change for the better and they be given their due credit and respect.   

At the risk of sounding clichéd, cinema is a team work where innumerable human resource is at work to translate a vision of the film maker. Let the credit be given to all those unsung heroes/heroines behind the camera during the initial credits of the film rather than at the end at F1 pace to an empty hall.  

Let the film sorority abstain from activities that promote regional jingoism and let there be free flow of talents across all state borders because cinema is all about creative expression that transcends languages.  

When it comes to environmental responsibilities let there be respect towards Nature and by using eco-friendly materials wherever possible in creating sets. It has also been said that film industry is responsible for disturbing the eco-balance of many virgin locales in their pursuit of the ‘never before seen’ or ‘breathtaking’ visuals. While it may be a Herculean task to undo what has already been done but let there at least be some kind of responsibility towards preserving Nature’s serenity.        

And let us hear the voice of our heroines or simply put, let our heroines dub for themselves in whatever language they choose to feature in because voice gives a unique dimension to the role that is being essayed and takes the performance to the next level.


For the film industry to scale greater heights, let good and experimental works be patronized by the audience because only when creativity is unleashed without impediment it would result in better offering and a variety platter.  

At this juncture, let us not forget the contribution of independent film makers and let us welcome them with open hands for their good work as they also form an integral part of the creative talent pool.  

And for all the outfits of self proclaimed moral police and casteist forces, let them not gag the creators for frivolous reasons and hold the industry to ransom for their 2 minute popularity.


Finally for the media, let there be concentration only on the professional side of artists rather than their personal life unless of course asked for.

On a signing off note, wishing all the film buffs a satisfying movie watching experience ahead!

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