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Sivaji Ganesan Karnan


Recently a couple of events in the tinsel world caught this writer’s attention. First was the re-release of Nadigar Thilakam Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan’s Karnan in an all new digitized format and the second one was the 3D trailer release of Super Star Rajnikanth’s Sivaji directed by Shankar.

In the case of Karnan, the film has set a record of sorts crossing more than 150 days at the theatres for a re-released version. As regards Sivaji, the film hit the screens in 2007 which went on to do good business benefitting everybody in the chain of movie business. After five years, this film is being made into a 3D format and if people who have seen the trailer have to be trusted, it is said to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience. And to feel the presence of super star in a three dimensional avatar is almost akin to being a part of his world in such close quarters. It is also reported that Rajnikanth himself had enjoyed it so much that he is eagerly waiting for the release of the complete film. It is sure to be a carnival for his fans all through planet Earth.

Now for all those who are well initiated into the happenings of the film industry would be aware of the crippling impact of piracy. The ugly tentacles of this demon are asphyxiating the film world with far reaching adverse effects. In such a scenario, events such as the above are sure to be a welcome breather for the much ailing industry in their own way.

Most of the audience would have definitely watched Sivaji either in theatres or in television but when it is presented in a different format like the 3D version, people are sure to give it a thumping patronage just to treat themselves to THAT extra different experience which they can never ever get in a DVD or in television. After all who would not want to see (feel) the stylish super star and the sizzling hot Shriya in 3D form?

Same holds good with Karnan too. The older generation would have surely enjoyed the wonderful experience of B R Panthulu’s Karnan but when it is offered in a new digitized format, it gives the gen-next a chance to get a feel of this visual grandiose and for the old generation it is a nostalgic trip down their memory lane albeit in a different way.

That said, it is also becoming a humongous task to bring the audience into the theatre and if a film stays at the turnstile for two weeks, it is equivalent to smashing all the records of Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt. Therefore the need of the hour is to constantly find novel methods and evolve means to lure the audience to theatres and also to keep the perpetrators of piracy at bay.

When interesting and innovative technological tools are put to effective use, they act as a speed breaker to people involved in this business as it is difficult to bring in those advanced effects to a reproduced version of a film.

Of course there are also ways where one can bring in some kind of control into these factors. As Kamal Haasan always reiterates, the rights of a film can be given as soon as possible, something on the lines of how they do in Hindi film industry where it is done within 30-40 days of a film’s release or sometimes even earlier. When we are only talking about financials, the source of it should be immaterial-it could be from satellite or from overseas sector or from theatres.  As long as the people associated in this business are not affected adversely, there should not be any concern. 

Technology is a double edged sword and it should be combated with a hind-sighted vision. There are also people who are working towards keeping the online piracy in check. A promising young man by name Sudarsan is already at it, having started his war against this menace in films like Kazhugu, Naan E and Billa 2 and the talented lad is also working in Aarohanam and Nadula Konjam Pakkatha Kanom. The fruits of his labor would very soon be palpable in the industry.

Of course a lot is also riding on the audience and if they choose to see a film only in theatres, it would go a long way in getting this pest completely eradicated.  

There is always light at the end of the proverbial tunnel and let us hope that measures such as these would ring the death knell on this despicable infirmity and bring in the much needed bliss.

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