''Vijay Sethupathi does not know to show gethu'', Vijay Sethupathi, Orange Mittai


In film industry, the name Vijay Sethupathi spells dedication, hard work and perseverance. This indie hero who got noticed in Soodhu Kavvum is a much respected man on and off screen. At a time when Tamil cinema was going through a phase where commercial heroes were reigning, Sethupathi’s entry was refreshing and his roles were relatable. He gave hopes to directors who took the short film route to feature film.


Ahead of the release of his film Orange Mittai tomorrow, the 31st of July, I spoke to some of the technicians that Sethupathi had worked with to find out what they feel about Sethupathi the actor and Sethupathi, the person.


Biju Viswanath, director of Orange Mittai, feels that the re-assurance that Sethupathi gave him during the making of the film as a producer and as an actor made a big difference to him. He says, “I wanted to complete the film fast and was doing the scenes quickly on the very first day. Vijay slowed me down and asked me to relax. No other producer will say that. He was supportive as a producer and comforting as a friend, which for a creator is a major plus. As an actor he was much open to improvising scenes and his inputs as a writer helped the movie a lot”.


Karunakaran who knows Vijay Sethupathi from his short film days affirms, “When I was passing through financial crunch, Vijay was the one who helped me out without even asking any question. It might sound clichéd but the truth is that Vijay Sethupathi is a very good human being and does not forget people who have been with him in his earlier days. He continues to help and support them. With regard to his work, he puts in so much effort and wants the best to come out. All these do not mean that he is very serious, though he may appear like one. Vijay Sethupathi is extremely humorous and fun to be with. Popularity and fame has not changed him one bit and he remains the same Sethupathi for friends”.  


Music Director Justin Prabhakaran who has worked with Vijay Sethupathi in Pannaiyaarum Padminiyum (PP) and Orange Mittai says, “I got to know Vijay Sethupathi sir when I was working in PP. The topmost thing that comes to my mind about sir is that he is a very good human being without any pretenses. He is frank and genuine. He believes in me more than I believe in myself. Before even the release of songs of PP, he gave me my next film. His encouragement only drives me in this industry. He is also an optimist who exudes positivity”.


For Ramesh Thilak who has worked with Sethupathi in three films, the latter is his ‘annan’. He continues, “My association with annan started during the shoot of Soodhu Kaavum. He is friendly and talks to everybody freely but I was reserved. However I could not hold myself for more than two days and went to talk to him. I am not saying this to please anyone but wherever he is there, there would be a different kind of vibration in that place”.


On Vijay Sethupathi’s helping nature, Ramesh divulges, “There are a few people in cinema that you could approach for any help. Vijay Sethupathi is one in the list. I have seen him help people and he might even chide me for what I am saying”. He adds, “Annan will keep pushing people to realize their potential. That’s why people who are there with him from the earlier days remain with him even now. I might sound as though I am praising him too much but that’s the truth and I can’t help it”. Ramesh also recalls that it was Vijay Sethupathi who asked him to go for Kaakka Muttai audition.


What about Sethupathi as an actor? Ramesh furthers, “As an actor, he is open to constructive suggestions. He can accept if he goes wrong which is a very rare quality”. However Ramesh laments that his annan does not know to throw his weight around or in simple words, “He does not know to show ‘gethu’. He is such a simple man!”


And Ramesh sums them all up when he says, “Vijay Sethupathi is not fake and outright REAL”.



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