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By Behindwoods News Bureau | Aug 29, 2018 08:00 PM
security guard loses job after farting

Social media is a handy tool for people who are looking for fame in a short amount of time. The more offbeat the content, the higher the chances of it spreading like wildfire.

While people are busy making memes and taking crazy challenges, a security guard at a hospital had a wild idea. Doug, better known on the internet as Paul Flart, has over 78,000 followers on Instagram. And why do people follow him? He farts

As crazy as it sounds, Doug started posting a collection of his farting videos over the past six months. That's all he does. For months, he has been filming himself farting while at work. And his Instagram followers seem to enjoy it.


Take a look



Tooooot #paulflart #fart #security #observeandreport #nofakes

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That's one for the books. #paulflart #fart #security #observeandreport #nofakes

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While his crazy antics have gained him thousands of followers on Instagram, his employees beg to differ. With fame comes it own set of problems. When his viral videos reached hospital authorities, he was fired from his job. Not for farting though!

He apparently violated hospital policies by using cell phone while at work. But Paul is chilled out about these developments and continues to entertain his followers. Talking about his 'loud' success, Paul told media, "It transcends all languages. There's no translation necessary, it's just funny."

With his growing popularity, Paul is gearing up for the release of his own merchandise and music videos.