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By Dhiraj | Mar 23, 2019 11:02 PM

MS Dhoni as we know is captain cool, and again today is a prime example where he managed his troops very well against RCB. His decision making was very good as well, with the decision of going early with Harbhajan Singh considering the number of left-handers in the RCB batting line up.

Jadeja comes out to bat ahead of Dhoni

In the batting innings, CSK did make a cautious start, but they have understood that keeping wickets in hand is the key and have been cruising in the chase.

When the wicket of Rayudu fell, everyone expected MS Dhoni to come out to bat and finish off the match like he always does. There were even chants of 'Dhoni' 'Dhoni' after the fall of the wicket. But to everyone's surprise, Jadeja came in ahead of MS Dhoni to bat. He probably wanted Jadeja to get some time out there in the middle, since this game is almost in the bank.

Fans will be slightly disappointed not to see him come out, but will be happy about the fact that they are winning.