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By Dhiraj | Mar 22, 2019 08:54 PM

Normally, the fans of CSK are waiting for a chance to get close to Dhoni. Recently, we saw a fan jump across to the ground and chase Dhoni.

MS Dhoni signs autographs for fans

Now we see a video where Dhoni himself climbs across the advertisements screens to get close to his fans. Fans who were cheering 'Dhoni' 'Dhoni' were pleased to see their captain come towards them and chants began to grow even more.

There were a number of kids and elders waiting with phones ready for selfies and notepads ready for signatures. Dhoni was patient enough to sign autographs and take pictures with a number of fans who would cherish this memory for the rest of their lives.

The kind of support CSK has is really unbelievable where fans turn up to just for the games but even for practice sessions. There is no doubt that the 23rd of March is going to be nothing short of a spectacle.