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By Dhiraj | Mar 21, 2019 01:03 AM

ESPNcricinfo has recently introduced Superstats, which is a new statistical metric to understand the game better. One of the elements in Superstat is a factor called Luck Index which quantifies the element of luck in the game. This is done by identifying every lucky moment such as a dropped catch, missed run outs, overthrows, wrong decisions, misfields etc., and then calculating the value of runs of that event.

ESPNcricinfos Luck Index has CSK in second place

For instance, every run that a batsman scores after getting dropped is considered as extra runs due to the luck factor, and for the team, there is an algorithm calculating how much the other batsman would have scored facing the same number of balls after the drop catch and would be added accordingly in the luck Index. 

When they went on to check the Luckiest teams by runs in IPL 2018, Chennai Super Kings were second on the list having 315 luck runs to their name. Kolkata Knight Riders were the luckiest team with 349 luck runs and Rajasthan Royals were the unluckiest team with 163 luck runs.

Looking at the batting and bowling statistics of IPL 2018, Shane Watson was the Luckiest batsman with 174 luck runs, and Deepak Chahar along with Umesh Yadav were the Luckiest bowlers with just 14 and 8 luck runs respectively. On the other hand, Aaron Finch has turned out to be the unluckiest batsman with minus 29 runs, since a few bad decisions went his way and interestingly Rashid Khan is the unluckiest bowler.

These Statistics have shown that the Chennai Super Kings have had their chances, but have managed to make them count.