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By Dhiraj | Mar 23, 2019 12:02 AM

A few days back, Gambhir had made some harsh comments regarding Kohli's captaincy, since he has not managed to win the IPL for RCB. Apart from this, there have been talks about his captaincy and the IPL record amongst fans as well.

Kohli responds to criticisms about captaincy

Kohli has not come out and said, as quoted in the NDTV sports article, that "I don't care whether I am going to be judged on this (not winning IPL) or not. ".  He also went on to say that he wouldn't let what other people think to bother him, rather he is going to focus on the job in hand. Kohli acknowledges the fact that RCB havent been able to win the cup and that they have made some bad decisions during pressure situations.

However, they have played 6 semifinals and have always been a team to watch out for, so just making slightly better decisions will take them a long way.