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By Dhiraj | Mar 22, 2019 11:19 PM

MS Dhoni and his sweet interaction with his fans have already become a talking point in this IPL.

MS Dhoni Whistles for fans request

Fans have been relentlessly following the team all over Chennai to show their love. They turn up in huge numbers for the practice match, they are there for every practice session to cheer the team up.

Just after finishing their practice session, when the team was ready in their bus to leave for their hotel, fans followed to the bus as well and did not miss to spot their favorite captain sitting in the last row. One such fan shouted saying 'Thala oru Whistle' which roughly translates to the fan asking MS Dhoni who is called as 'Thala' by his fans, to Whistle for them once.  MS Dhoni who understood what the fan said, actually responded by whistling for the Fan!!!

MS Dhoni's superstardom is an every increasing phenomenon and hope these kinds of fun interactions continue.