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By Dhiraj | Mar 22, 2019 10:42 PM

Though IPL is the shortest form of the game with just 20 overs a side, we can split these 20 overs into 3 phases, that is Powerplay which is the first 6 overs, middle overs which is from 7-15 and the slog overs from 16-20.

CSK vs RCB stats showing their performances at different stages

The regular trend that we see is teams go hard in the Powerplay stage and hence tend to lose wickets, and become a little conservative during the middle overs and again shift gears at the slog overs which is where a lot of wickets fall. Looking at IPL 2018, and comparing how CSK and RCB have performed during these stages, there is a complete contrast between the two teams.

During the Powerplays, RCB had the best combination of scoring at a high rate and losing the least number of wickets. CSK, on the other hand, were very conservative with the second lowest scoring rate but didn't lose too many wickets either.  During the Middle overs, however, CSK's scoring rate does not improve much but are more likely to lose wickets. But this is where RCB begin to lose their plot. At this stage, they become extremely vulnerable by losing wickets with a slight dip in scoring rate as well and hence underperform during the Slog overs. CSK on the other hand, have mastered the art of playing in the slog overs where they have gone 16% faster than the average scoring rate and are 52% less likely to lose wickets as well and this is where they take the advantage in the game.

CSK should look to strike early at the top and get likes of Kohli and De Villiers out early to restrict RCB during the power play overs.
RCB, on the other hand, should look at preserving some bowling firepower in the slog overs where CSK have dominated.

When RCB has dominated the first phase and CSK the last, will be interesting to see who goes one step better in tomorrows game.