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Rahul Gandhi hugs Modi after no-confidence motion debate in Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha stood witness flabbergasted during Congress President Rahul Gandhi's heated 20-minute speech on Friday. In the 20 minutes, Gandhi tore down the BJP government, accused PM Narendra Modi and Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in his speech and also hugged Modi in the end.


At the end of his speech, Gandhi left his place and walked over to Modi and gave him a big hug. The hug surprised everyone in the house including Modi himself. Modi could be seen completely taken aback and hugging Gandhi back hesitantly. As Gandhi walks away, Modi pats him on his back.


The Congress President attacked the BJP in his no-confidence motion debate. He slammed Modi for corruption and said, "Everybody understands and sees the amount of money which goes into the marketing of the Prime Minister of India. I can see the gentleman (Modi) smiling (as I say this) but there's a touch of nervousness there and he's looking away from me.  He can look me in the eye."