Vadivelu: "I had to do what I did, and had to stay low” - Event Story

Apr 01, 2014

The Audio Launch – Press Meet of Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu’s comeback movie, Tenaliraman happened today at Prasad Lab. The event was attended by the movie’s producers – AGS Brothers, director Yuvaraj Dhayalan, music director D Imman, and the long ensemble cast - Shanmuga Raj, Bala Sing, Kirushna Murthy, Santhana Barathy, Manobala, the heroine Meenakshi Dixit, and the hero Vadivelu. The ace comedian, as simple and humble as ever, was greeted with applause for every move of his.


Just like us, the people who worked on the movie also were vocal about how much they missed Vadivelu. Lyricist Viveka, who has penned four songs in the movie, made the most expressive point – “There can be no one in Tamil Nadu who would hate Vadivelu. Those people who profess to hate him, because of some misconceptions, as soon as they reach their homes would shut their doors and windows, and would laugh their hearts out at his comedies.”


Bala Sing said, “We do not know how Tenaliraman looked. But, after this movie’s release, we will know.”


Kirushna Murthy said, “I love Cinema. Vadivelu lives Cinema. That’s the difference between us.”


Manobala said, “The break was something very necessary to Vadivelu. He has been running for so long without any rest. Now that he has taken enough time-out, we want him to start running, again. And, this time – no more breaks.”


Even the director of the movie, Yuvaraj Dhayalan said, “I have spent two years with Vadivelu sir on this movie, and I don’t regret even a minute of it. This movie is about Vadivelu. And only after him, we all come into the picture.”


The hero of the day – the music director D Imman said, “I had always wanted to do a periodical movie. For that I thank the producers and director for giving me this opportunity.” About Vadivelu, he said, “We all know that how much big fan of MGR Vadivelu is. Even when I was composing, he would sing me MGR songs as references. I had to use more than 100 musicians to make sure I gave what he expected.”


After everyone else had given their speeches, Vadivelu walked to deliver his – the moment everyone waited for. With the mike at hand, he looked around at the every pair of eyes that were fixed on him, and said, “I can hear what all your prying eyes are saying. But, trust me, I had no other option - I had to do what I did, and had to stay low.” A serious statement, but he delivered it in such a way that it had everyone across laughing.


He continued, “The two year hiatus was a break very essential to me. During this time, no producer was ready to make a movie with me. The offers that came were for Telugu and Malayalam movies. However, I didn’t take them because had I taken, people would have written off that I had run away to other industries fearing home problems. But the wait turned fruitful when Yuvaraj came with the script of Tenaliraman.” Then, he thanked the producers, “I sincerely thank the producers for making this movie. While, no one was ready to make a movie with me, they came forward. And, for that I am deeply grateful. And, every minute in the movie, they were my driving force.” He added that nearly a lakh of junior artists had worked in the movie, and it was all possible because of the faith the Kalpathi brothers had on the movie.


Vaigai Puyal was at his comic best when he said, “This is the first time Meenakshi is seeing me without makeup. I made sure that she never saw the original me throughout the shoot.”


That’s Vadivelu just as we know him well.


Just as Manobala wished for, we, at Behindwoods, hope that the king of comedy is done with his breaks, and does just what he is best at – making us laugh!



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