“This is how a team should be” - Superstar Rajinikanth - Event Story

Mar 13, 2014

Narcolepsy is defined as a chronic neurological disorder caused by the brain's inability to regulate sleep-wake cycles normally. Director Thiru has adapted this concept as the central theme of his next film, Naan Sigappu Manithan (NSM). Thereby confirming that this film is not the remake of Rajinikanth’s 1985 movie that had the same title.  

For the third consecutive time, director Thiru and Vishal have joined together. Vishal plays a victim of narcolepsy, which makes him sleep as a result of extreme emotions. 

The music of the film, composed by GV Prakash Kumar was released today at Sathyam Cinemas, in the presence of director Bala, Vishnuvardhan, Samuthirakani, Parthiban, director Vijay, Nasser, Atlee, Vikranth, Vishnu, Shanthanu, Saranya Ponvannan, Iniya, Jagan, Sunder Ramu and many others. Lakshmi Menon missed the event owing to her ongoing 11th Exams. 

Popular VJ, Ramya hosted the show and the function began with a prayer song by Saindhavi Prakash Kumar. That was followed by the screening of the teaser and two video songs from the movie. 

Dhananjayan Govind, Chief of Disney-UTV, South, who is co-producing the film with Vishal Film Factory, welcomed everyone for the event and thanked the guests for honouring the function with their presence. He also had a pleasant surprise for the gathering. "We got a call from Superstar Rajinikanth yesterday and he invited us home. We got a chance to show him the teaser and songs of Naan Sigappu  Manithan, which he loved", exclaimed Dhananjayan. The South Chief of UTV Motion Pictures is also extremely proud of wrapping up the whole movie in less than 4 months. “I have worked for 21 movies and I tell you, this is the best team I have ever had. They started in December 2013 and the movie is now wrapped up. When I told this to Superstar, he was stunned and said this is how a team should be,” he added.

Every guest who took the stage, appreciated the team’s meticulous planning and hard work that helped them wrap up the film so fast. Samuthirakani said, “I saw a poster saying 100 days to go for NSM. I called up Thiru and asked him if he was sure of it. He was very positive about the release and today I’m stunned.”

The other topic most of the guests talked about was Vishal’s leadership quality. “Be it cricket or movies, his guts is what makes him a leader. Vishal inspires youngsters like me a lot. Not that he is old,” laughed Shanthanu on the surprise mock that he threw at the actor. Srikanth too shared similar thoughts. He said, “Acting is difficult and producing is much more difficult. Vishal’s doing both at the same time and with such meticulous planning. He is one hell of a leader.”

Director of Pandiya Naadu, Suseenthiran hopped on to the podium and said, “I’ve seen the movie and I’ve been involved from the day one of Naan Sigappu Manithan. The screenplay will be extraordinary, I assure you that. I wish the entire team all the luck.“

Parthiban was at his naughtiest best. Apart from conveying his best wishes to the team, he commented on the recent Vishal - Lakshmi Menon relationship rumours. “I generally love reading the interviews of Cho Ramaswamy and few other politicians. I find them very interesting and funny. I’m now adding another one to my favourites -Lakshmi Menon. She was asked by a magazine recently, if she is in love with Vishal. She said no. But, when they asked her if Vishal is in Love with her, she says I’m not sure. I have never ever heard a better answer. However, I hear the project has some brilliant chemistry between the two and love of course. So, lets all welcome them with the same love,” he said and the hall erupted with cheers and laughters. 

He was followed by Nang, a Thai stuntman, who has choreographed action for NSM. He appeared on stage, bowed to the crowd and spoke for a few minutes in his own mother tongue, Thai. Although no one understood a word of what he said, he was showered with huge cheers for every sentence. Director Atlee in response to Nang’s quick rise to fame, said, “His little speech horripilated me. Which ever country I go here after, I want to talk boldly and loudly in my own language, Tamil.”

Saranya Ponvannan, who plays the mother of Vishal in NSM is happy that she has yet again got a chance to explore a different dimension of a mother. 

Gaana Bala entertained the crowd with one of the songs from the movie. He also made a special mention of Dhananjayan in his quick speech and added, “Now I hope you make me a hero soon, sir.” 

AL Vijay, who has worked closely with GV Prakash and Na Muthukumar said, “These two are magicians. While GV takes 15 minutes to compose a tune, Na Muthukumar comes up with the lyrics in the next ten minutes.” He also applauded Dhananjayan’s expertise in making every film reach the right audience. 

AL Vijay also shared a narcolepsy case study he came across recently. “One of my assistants had this problem. He’d go to get the script and would fall asleep there. We’d all be wondering where this man disappeared. During the shoot of Thaandavam his issue led him to coma and he was in the hospital for two months. So, I’ve personally seen how difficult it is for people with this disorder.”

Actor Nasser, who has also worked with the person, vouched for Vijay. The ace actor then went on to applaud the efforts of the team and added, “This is the kind of team we need for today’s Tamil industry. A team that can stick to their plan. Hats off to you all.”

Director Hari, who’s collaborating with Vishal for his next movie, was crisp and to the point. “The teaser is brilliant. Make sure the teaser reaches everyone in the state and I assure you everyone would want to watch the movie,” he opined. 

Director Bala wanted to know if Vishal and Thiru had anything against him. “The lead of the movie looks like me. I have a habit of sleeping through the day and going to the sets very late. I think Vishal is getting his revenge,” he smiled. He also personally wished each and every member of the crew, before returning back to his spot.  

Actor Jagan made the ambience lighter with his witty speech. “Everyone talks about Vishal’s dedication, sincerity and stuffs. But do you all know his other side? Apart from the fact that he “loves” all, if you know what I mean, he is also a dangerous prankster. He cracks some stupid jokes, makes us all laugh, gets us into trouble and yet he keeps a straight face,” he complained. He also wants to know why all the recent heroines, who come to Tamil from Kerala are under-aged (meaning they haven't completed their schooling). “I wonder what Iniya is going to say now. I guess she’d be wondering if she could maintain that she’s just in her 9th grade,” joked Jagan, putting Iniya in deep state of shock. 

The next speaker put Vishal in a state of shock. Actor Vishnu, a close friend of the Pandiya Naadu actor took the podium and said he has a doubt, he has been wanting to ask Vishal. “During the shoots of this movie, I tried to call him. I wanted to drop by his sets and say hi. But he’d say he’s doing an intimate scene with Lakshmi Menon or a deep water sequence with her, and hang up on me. Then he finally called me to the sets, but on a day Lakshmi Menon wasn’t present. So my question is, why are you so protective of her, Vishal and when you retained her from Pandiya Naadu, why not Vikranth?” questioned Vishnu, buying a sharp look from Vishal.

Vishal raced to the podium next and responded, “It is not Lakshmi Menon I’m protective of, but it is you, Vishnu, I want to protect. Why would I want to see your own police dad putting handcuffs on you?” The hall resounded with laughter. As far as Vikranth is concerned, Vishal said that he has to emerge as a solo hero hereafter and hinted that he might produce one of Vikranth’s upcoming movies. 

Coming to the event, Vishal thanked his entire team for being a big strength. “This whole team is my biggest asset. When I decided to produce, I wanted to announce release dates while we begin the project. we achieved that with Pandiya Naadu and we will also release NSM as planned,” he said.

As the function came to an end, Thiru thanked all the VIPs who graced the event and director Bala released the album, while the NSM team received it with pride.



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