"Lakshmi Menon is studying the same class for the past one and half years and Karthik Subbaraj is a worst storyteller" - Event Story

Mar 04, 2014
'Lakshmi Menon is studying the same class for the past one and half years and Karthik Subbaraj is a worst storyteller'

Jigarthanda, directed by Karthik Subbaraj, is one movie to watch out for this year. The trailer and the music, released yesterday, have only upped the expectations. The team of Jigarthanda – Actors Siddharth, Lakshmi Menon, Bobby Simha and Karuna, DOP Gavemic U Ary, Musician Santhosh Narayanan, Editor Vivek Harshan and the Producer S Kathiresan – attended a press meet today.

The producer, S Kathiresan of Group Company, started off the event with a story of how Jigarthanda happened. Apparently, the producer loved Karthik Subbaraj’s one-line story of Jigarthanda and took it to Siddharth. Kathiresan said, “Siddharth was impressed by the line, and after a couple of meetings between the director and the actor, everything fell in place.” The producer also had kind words for his team and their efforts. The team, including the Editor and DOP, had camped in Madurai for around 8-10 months, and their hard work is what has been translated to screen.

While the producer appreciated the efforts put by his technicians, Santhosh Narayanan and Gavemic U Ary were thankful to the producer for putting no efforts, in a lighter vein. They said that they had met the producer only a couple times, and were thankful to him for the freedom he gave.

The team unanimously thanked, apart from the producer, Karuna. Apparently, when the goings went tough, it was he who had provided relief. His comic sense was evident even in the event. He said, “Karthik Subbaraj wanted me on sets for four months. He just allowed me four days even for my wedding. And, I waited four months to be with my wife.” For that, he took time to thank his wife, Thenral for her support.

The heroine, Lakshmi Menon broke the secret on why she could not attend the Audio Launch the previous day. She had her 11th standard Annual Exams. Siddharth later joked that Lakshmi was a little weak in studies as she has been in the same class for over a year and half.

Another big secret that was let out is that the director, Karthik Subbaraj is bad at story telling. Siddharth said, “Karthik Subbaraj is one among the Industry’s worst story tellers.” However, Siddharth said that the young director’s writing is a solid best, and that’s why he stands out.

Everyone heaped praises on Simha’s efforts. The actor, reportedly, had remained in the unkempt, shaggy style for around nine months. Karthik said, “We tortured him. We made him sit under the sun for hours to tan him. In the end, when the efforts didn’t work, we settled on painting him black.” Siddharth said, “If my role in the movie has to work, the opposite character has to work. And, Simha is definitely going to be brilliant.” Siddharth also alleged that Simha had to miss a couple chances to be a hero as he was committed to this movie. But, he also held that Jigarthanda will get Simha recognitions much greater than his missed chances.

The final word belonged to Siddharth. He said, “I took up this movie, because I wanted to see it onscreen. If Karthik did not get any producers, I would have produced this movie. The entire team trusts our captain - Karthik, and he will not disappoint his fans.”

Looking at the team's confidence, Jigarthanda seems to be a tailor-made Jackpot.



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