Suriya bows down to the Cuckoo team on stage at the music Launch - Event Story

Feb 18, 2014

The music of Fox Star Studios and The Next Big Film's new offering after Raja Rani's massive success, Cuckoo was released today morning at Sathyam Cinemas, Chennai. The event saw participation from some of the biggest names in the industry such as Kamal Haasan, Suriya, Lingusamy, Vijay Sethupathi and also many other promising young directors such as Atlee, Karthik Subbaraj, Ranjith, Cheran, Vetrimaaran, Vijay and Naveen.

The cast and crew of the film comprising lead actors Dinesh and Malavika, director Raju Murugan, composer Santhosh Narayanan, DOP P.K.Varma, editor Shanmugham, art director Ramalingam and lyricist Yugabharathi were also present and soaked in all the applause that they received for their work on the movie. A trailer and 2 songs from the movie were screened at the event and the movie promises to be a completely engaging tale of love between two visually challenged young people.
A live 'Acapella' performance from Santosh Narayanan's team kicked off the show and actor Suriya gave a standing ovation for this mesmerizing performance. 
Here are excepts from some of the important speeches at the event. 
Kamal Haasan ... "I don't have the regular cinema ideologies but I have a lot of belief in good thoughts, ideas and hard work. From the scenes that I saw, am impressed with Cuckoo. The intricate detailing that I observed in novels is evident in Cuckoo. 
Fox Star's entry to Tamil cinema gives me belief. They have to do a lot of films and have to encourage good talent like they have always been doing in Hollywood. I am proud that South Indian talent is being groomed by them and I feel it's time for us to march towards world standards.
'The Next Big Film' is a good positive name for the producers. I am optimistic that Cuckoo will also be a big film for them. I arrived late for this event as I just returned to Chennai from location hunting for Uthama Villain in Western India .. 
I am happy and proud that my brothers are making good cinema. This is a kind of healthy jealousy that I have. 
Actor Dinesh's effort and search to be different is evident and I wish the best for him.
Everyone should respect talent and hard work like how Suriya did on stage by bowing down. Like the Cuckoo team, Suriya effort's are immense and his victory is not out of sheer luck. In English, there is a saying that 'There is nothing called luck for those who really deserve it'"
Suriya ... "This stage reminds me of Pithamagan's audio launch function. I have interacted a lot with Balu Mahendra in such audio functions. He always encouraged me a lot. My respects to him. 
Kamal Sir is an inspiration to all. We just try to emulate his footsteps. Kamal 'Annan' shares a lot with me, has taught me and supervises my career from a distance. I wish him again for his Padma Bhushan. 
Sometimes at such launches, even big star films' trailers and teasers don't get claps and applause. Cuckoo's songs and trailer got such wholesome wholehearted applause today and it was beautiful to experience. 
Many first timers are there in the film and it is a very healthy sign. Dinesh, Malavika, Raju Murugan - I bow down to them all for their touching and impactful effort.  
Though I have achieved business landmarks, the visuals of Cuckoo struck me hard with a lot of feeling and impact. Every department of film-making seems to have competed and this is sure to be a very special film this year.  
Our newly formed baby 2D is ready to do a film with Raju Murugan and I am sure that all producers ll open their doors to this director."
Vijay Sethupathi ... "When I entered the hall, the live performance was very soothing. Santhosh's music was brilliant. There are some really colorful visuals in the trailer and it was soul-stirring.
Dinesh is like my brother and his effort is superb. Since 2006, I have known him. He is a true hard worker. All the best to the whole Cuckoo team"
The Cuckoo team kept their speeches short and sweet and preferred to let their work do the talking, when the movie releases next month. 
Dinesh ... "Please give us your feedback after seeing the movie. Attakathi was a personal experience for me and Cuckoo was a totally different kind of feeling and experience. I liked it a lot"
DOP PK Varma ... "I thank the director, producer for showing faith in me. Cuckoo was a beautiful experience. It was a lesson for me and I drew a lot for the movie from life's emotions"
Malavika ... "I am overwhelmed by the crowd and my voice is breaking. I am tense as well as emotional and am full of gratitude to the team and to my AD Sushma. I thank everyone."
Composer Santhosh Narayanan ... "Live acoustic music has been used for the movie and big musicians from all over the world have played for us. I thank them all. We were able to express ourselves musically and we thank the producers for the space and freedom"
Director Raju Murugan was more elaborate in his speech in the end
"Lingusamy and R.Kannan sir's presence is really personal for me. They are beyond thanking because they are that close to me. Money and status aren't that important to me and I wish to showcase people who are from the lower rungs of society, in my movies. Kamal Sir knows that feeling as he is after all the man who made Anbe Sivam. People should like such cinema and doors should open for such type of cinema. I am happy that I have done a little part in opening the doors. 
Every director from my generation considers Kamal as a guru. Mahanadhi made such an impact and inspired us to make good cinema. I thank Kamal Sir for his presence today. Suriya is so humble, loving and does so much for the society. Rajini Sir called and wished me on the phone this morning. I also thank Shankar Sir for things falling in place for Cuckoo. He was supposed to produce this film and he even approved the script. But he couldn't do it because of his other commitments. I would also like to thank Vijay TV Mahendran, Shanmugham, Fox Star, Yugabharathi and Saravanan Annan.
My hero Dinesh doesn't know to talk properly on a public platform, but on-spot he is great. He spent two months with visually challenged people as part of his preparation. I would like to thank my entire crew. My story is inspired from the real life of visually challenged people and I thank each one of them."
Cuckoo is set for release on March 21st and given such positive pre-release buzz, the movie is bound to be a critical and commercial success.



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