Nazriya's first Tamil film is finally nearing the finish line - Event Story

Dec 24, 2013

The music of the upcoming Jai - Nazriya starrer Thirumanam Enum Nikkah (TEN) was launched in a simple event at the Sathyam Cinemas premises today morning. The director of the movie Anees, composer Ghibran, Nazriya and cinematographer Loganathan spoke at the event and answered a few posers from the press.

Anees said "The title of the movie reveals the story. We have showcased two different cultures and rituals. The film will be lively and colorful with elements of love and comedy. We have also touched upon some relevant political and societal issues in a sweet manner without being too direct."

Ghibran said "I had to depict both Islamic and Hindu cultures through my music. There is good love too in the movie. I have tried my best and have done a lot of research work to make sure that no mistakes are done. I have experimented on raagas and instruments and this is a very special album for me."

The cinematographer Loganathan had this to say "I thank Anees, Aascar Ravi Sir and Ghibran. It was in fact Ghibran who suggested my name for this project. 'Aascar Films' Ravi Sir is doing 5 films at a time despite being an independent production house and not a corporate firm. Nazriya and Jai were very co-operative and have done very well. Anees has taken a very bold approach as all the actors other than the main lead pair, are very much new and not exposed to cinema. It was very refreshing to experience this and hope the movie refreshes the audience too. There is an album feel in Ghibran's music and there will be some continuity and link between all the songs. This album is not just a mass package and is a different approach for a Tamil film"

The cynosure of all eyes was indeed Nazriya Nazim. She made her speech short and sweet. "Thirumanam Enum Nikkah was the first Tamil film that I signed. Anees Sir was bold to cast a newcomer like me. My other movies got released earlier. I studied about the Tamil industry and about the Tamil language on the sets of this movie. There will be lots of colors, festivals and different cultures in TEN. It is a family movie and we have portrayed different relationships in this movie, be it between lovers or between parents. It is a special movie and I hope everyone watches it. I thank everyone associated with TEN."

At the event, two numbers from the  film, Chillendra and Kannukkul Pothivaippen were screened and the verdict about these melodies was unanimous - DELIGHTFUL. The numbers were also filmed in a very imaginative and colorful manner.

Director Anees said that the film will be released either in January end or for the February 14th weekend.



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