"Selva could've chosen a bigger hero"- Arya - Event Story

Nov 12, 2013

Irandam Ulagam, Selvaraghavan’s ambitious project, starring Arya and Anushka in the lead is all set for a grand release on the 22nd November. The team met the press today (12th November 2013) and shared their experience in working in the mega budget project, produced by PVP Cinemas. Excerpts:


“Doing a film with such high budget and a complex subject requires a lot of planning and willpower. When Selva narrated the script, I was wondering how on earth is he going to make this into a film. Now, looking at the output, I don’t have the slightest doubt. I can assure you,

“I also strongly believe that this will be one of the biggest films in my career.  Selva could have used any other heroes. For a budget this high, he could have gone for a bigger actor. I thank him for having faith in me and giving me this opportunity.”

“I also have to thank the entire team for working so hard for the film. Generally, we make sure that a foreign schedule is wrapped up in a span of 20 or 25 days. But, we shot in Georgia for 90 days. It required cooperation and hard work from a lot of people and no one complained during the whole schedule.”

"I'm waiting for the release and eager for all your response."


“No actor would say no to a script as beautiful as Irandam Ulagam. Selva has put all his thoughts and creativity into the script and created a very beautiful film. Irandam Ulagam is not just about romance. It’s a visually brilliant film.”


When I was on the look out for a producer for this script, most of them felt that this script cannot be translated into a film. Everyone said that this could be a good novel but not a film. I took it up as a challenge and PVP agreed to support me in realizing my dream. I’m grateful to them for that. Arya, Anushka and my entire team were the pillars of this project. It’s a team effort and I sincerely hope that you all like the film.”



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