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Trailer review of the new Irandam Ulagam trailer

Irandam Ulagam Trailer Review

Oct 28, 2013

Selvaraghavan has revealed some more in the new Irandam Ulagam trailer. The stand out element in the trailer is the mind blowing visuals of the past. Anirudh, who is a new entrant into the crew, has attempted some interesting music that suits the trailer, which involves shots that are on the lighter side.

Arya's physical appearance in the ancient set up looks astounding and is a treat to watch. The stunt sequences that involve Arya and Anushka are visually appealing and is something that can be looked out for in the movie.

All the sequences set in the past appear to be brilliantly made and the entire movie is expected to be a different experience. 


Trailer review of the new Irandam Ulagam trailer

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