Pongal Solution For The Diwali Congestion

Pongal Solution For The Diwali Congestion

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" Plenty of our cine goers are celebrating Diwali in theaters of India, especially in TamilNadu " - is not an incorrect statement. Crackers , Palabishegams, Slogans, Dances, become part and parcel of cine goers at FDFS on festival days. They have united apart from religion, caste, economical status on that day in theaters. 

In 1980s & 90s more or less 7 to 8 films had been released and out of those 2 or 3 films had witnessed success. The films had a long run, even for months together. But now the scenario has changed completely, a film needs just 3 successful weekends for a Super Hit status. Since the films need more screens, congestion during the festival season may affect the collection of every other film screening on the same day.

During the previous year Thuppaaki , Poda Podi and Ammavin kai pesi were the Diwali release films, in which Thuppaaki got lot of screens as expected and got stupendous opening. But this year is peculiar , while 3 films are lined up for the release . Total screens in TN is just 700... Aarambam may need 400 , while AAA  may need 300, for a decent opening. Then how can PandiaNadu would get screens? In Bollywood the producers have announced the release date much earlier and they are planning very well in releasing films. But in Kollywood chaos will be there till the last minute.

Recently VVS was released on Sept 6, while its rival MathaGajaRaja was not released on that day for various reasons. VVS enjoyed the maximum in box office collection, since the other major film RajaRani released on Sept 27, exactly 3 weeks after the VVS released date . Even though it was a luck for VVS, but without stuff VVS couldn't have achieved, what it has got now. THREE SUCCESSFUL WEEKENDS is a constant factor for a success for any film , while the NUMBER of screens and the BUDGET AMOUNT are directly proportional factors . This is the simple EQUATION for a success.  

While Bollywood producers are planning for a pre planned releases all over India, why not for our Kollywood producers? Aaarambam was in production for nearly one year and the film is filled with Mega stars and expectations are too high among the fans as well as from the public, but if the film would be given with lesser number of screens, then what will be the use of producing mega budget films? I am not supporting mega budget films, but congestion and confusions among the producers are not good for the film industry. 

As per ethics and moral grounds , films which have started its production earlier should have first preference , rather than the producers who have booked the theaters earlier. Hope all understand. The theater owners should allot more screens for Aaarambam.  Here we have to appreciate SelvaRagavan 's move to postpone his film for a month... Irandam Ulakam was in production for two years... Nothing wrong in waiting for few more weeks for a solo release. Since the film was made with a big budget, it needs a solo release. Postponing that film for few weeks is an intelligent move by the producers of Irandam Ulakam. 

For a Hit and Profit, its just a matter of 3 weekends. Our producers and theater owners should sit and discuss about the planning of film releases .Kollywood has surely less than dozen big stars. The producers , Distributors and Theater owners may allot the first weekend of every month for big budget films , approximately we can calculate the amount spent more than 25 C should come under big budget film category . Fpr eg, I believe nobody could produce films with Rajini, Kamal, Ajith, Vijay, Surya, Vikram, ARM, Shankar, or a multi starer film with less than 25 C. Those films should have the priority in releasing,  according to the film production starting date as well as by the cycle among the stars themselves if congestion presents during the releases. The release of big budgeted films on first weekend may attract more audience. Along with first weekend mega star film releases , 2 to 3 small budget films should be get released simultaneously. [ In Bollywood top stars are not acting more than one film per year. Its good for the star as well as the audience. Its happy to see that , in  Kollywood too Rajini, Kamal and Ajith are following the same practice.]   

The second weekend should be free from any releases, so that if the first weekend mega star films, are not watch worthy atleast the small budget good films released along with the star films, might not be missed by the audience as well as box office.

The third weekend should be allotted for 1 or 2 medium budget films, which are made with a budget of 10 C. , so that it can get decent number of screens, while the first weekend mega star films would sustain in good number of screens. [ Apart from the top actors , other heroes who are acting in medium budget films, may try with 2 or 3 hero subjects like Bollywood, which may provide more entertainment for the audience ] 

The fourth weekend should be allotted again purely to 3 to 4 small budget films, so that those can get enough number of screens and the system will strengthen the small budget producers as well as good films. 

Recently Onayum Aattukuttiyum has acquired rave reviews from media as well as from the standard cine goers , who like cinema despite the star value. The film too is still sustaining in Theaters, because of its stuff. But whether its a hit or not ? I don't know, but as a cine goer I wanted that film as a hit one.

Planning and releasing a film itself is an ART. As per the criteria like , film production starting date, budget and star values , Aarambam should get more screens during the upcoming Diwali.

Postponing one film out from the remaining two is an intelligent, simple as well as [ SAKKARAI] PONGAL SOLUTION FOR THIS DIWALI CONGESTION...

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