Kanchana 2 – A perfect summer treat

Kanchana 2 – A perfect summer treat

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It is difficult to deliver a new product in a franchise that has a very good brand value. It is even more difficult to convince the audience by offering a comedy flick that has much pre-release buzz. But the recent release, Kanchana 2 aka Muni 3 in spite of complying with the above mentioned pressure factors has succeeded in doing what it is supposed to do. Promos have helped in bringing in a lot of family audience to the theatre. One could witness a lot of whistles and claps even for the title card. This is the impact that the previous instalment of this franchise has made. Kanchana 2 is executed on the same template that the previous movies of this Muni series were made on. But this part of the Muni series too provides us the much expected thrills and chills. This movie sets a perfect example for a team work. Each and every department of this movie has a handful of significant contributors. Ultimate praise has to be heaped over Raghava Lawrence as he has spearheaded this ensemble entertainer more cleverly.
Lawrence has dug into his acting abilities even more and has succeeded in entertaining the audience with his versatile acting performance. Due to the response that he had received for his makeover in Kanchana 1, he has moved on to the next level by trying and succeeding in too many makeovers accompanied by different body languages. Tamil audience never let down people who mesmerize them by surprises. When there is Lawrence obviously there will be dance. This movie too comprises it. But it is not just his one man show as far as the dance is concerned this time, as his younger brother Elvin Lawrence joins him to boost the already fast paced opening number with an energetic dance performance. Lawrence’s dance moves as a child in the ‘Moda Moda’ song for sure is going to strike a chord with kids. Here and there, one could see some scenes where the people belonging to the film industry are being criticised which just exposes the other side of the film industry.
In each and every instalment of the Muni series, Lawrence gives another role of the movie an equal importance to that of the protagonist. This time he has given such kind of roles to not just one but two. They are none other than Taapsee Pannu and Nithya Menon. Taapsee carries both the usual glam doll role and the character based performance on her shoulder whereas for Nithya Menon, it is purely a character based performance in the flash back sequence. Nithya’s performance makes us sympathize for the role that she has portrayed. Via her it has been conveyed to us on how the physically challenged are to be and not to be treated. Taapsee’s performance as a ghost makes us think that her role is something like a compressed version of Chandramukhi.
When it comes to comic portions, there is an ensemble cast to entertain us, with Lawrence and Kovai Sarala spearheading the department. Manobala, Mayilsamy, Renuka, Sriman, Chaams, Pooja and Madhumitha form the rest of the comic department. Character played by Devadarshini in Kanchana 1 still remains as the best comic Anni character in this franchise. Rib tickling business in the second half has thoroughly been dominated by Kovai Sarala. It was surprising to see a performer like Madhumitha been offered to play a second fiddle role.
Each and every song in the movie satisfies the corresponding target audience. Haunting weeping bgm from Kanchana 1 has been used in Kanchana 2 as well. Proper justice has been done to the song picturization especially ‘Silatta Pilatta’ and ‘Vaaya en Veera’. As far as the climax song is concerned, many would give thumps up to the part two’s counterpart in part 1.
Even more a good focus on the Climax fight would have given us an even more proper summer treat to relish. Even then this attempt doesn’t disappoint us. Perfect comedy gift packaged by Kanchana 2 crew for sure is bound to entertain people belonging to all categories.
Dhileepan Kumaresan

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