"Durai Dhayanidhi is everything to me"- Arulnithi - Event Story

Nov 18, 2013

An official press meet with the Thagararu team happened today. Talking at the event, composer of the film, Dharan thanked the producer of the film, Durai Dayanidhi and director Ganesh Vinayak for the opportunity. “This is my album in a rural genre. I also loved Arulnithi and Poorna in the film,” he said.

Poorna, the heroine of the movie, is confident of getting opportunities with top actors after this film. “Firstly, I have to thank actress Pooja. The role was written for her and she had date issues. It was she who apparently suggested my name to the director. I take this opportunity to thank her. I’m sure this is my big ticket to a better career,” she said. Poorna added about Arulnithi, “For a person who hails from such a big family, he is very humble and he is a child at heart. He has this most beautiful smile and everyone would just fall for it.”

Arulnithi began his part saying he has a lot to talk. “It’s been some time since Mouna Guru. So I’m going to take some time,” started Arulnithi. “Firstly, I’m thankful to Durai (Dayanidhi). More than a brother, he is my best friend ever and he is everything to me. He has been supportive in every step of mine and always been encouraging me, even if I hadn’t fared well. Secondly, Mahat was initially signed to do this role. But, finally it came down to me. Every time I make a post about the progress of the film in my Facebook, Mahat would be the first person to register his like. I owe him a thank you,” said Arulnithi.

About the title of the film, the actor said that they had initially locked on ‘Pagal Kollai’. “But we decided against it. That would give the press a chance to take pot shots on us,” laughed Arulnidhi. He added, “I have never behaved as if I was from a wealthy political background. I have been and will always be an actor and will behave like one,” he said.

The actor summed up the event saying, “I pray that this film turns out to be a massive success”.



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