Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham - Nothing To Write About

Naveena Saraswathi Sabatham - Nothing To Write About

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The initial scenes portray the modern dwelling place of Lord Shiva and the moving scenes do make an occasional smile but nothing more than that.

Subbu Panchu (Lord Shiva) asks Manobala (Narathar) to select a few people for his next ‘Thiruvilayadal’ as his next assignment! The 4 people selected are Rajkumar of Naduvula Konjam Pakatha Kaanom fame, VTV Ganesh, Sathyan, and Jai. Their characters are individually elaborated in not the most irritating but not funny enough narrative. After that the very short portion of love between Jai (Ramarajan) and Nivedha (Jayashree) of Porali fame keeps us awake. The camera of Anand - Nirav Shah's associate and dialogues in that portion is a plus.

The 4 people who are (incidentally!) friends decide to go on a bachelor party to Bangkok and further, which is where our god decides to play his game on them. And he gives us a hint that why he is playing it on them and the message which he wanted to deliver even though it won't be making any kind of impact in this ultra-draggy picture.

It isn't very easy to make a comedy movie but this is definitely a below average attempt and if u have not watched 'The Hangover' (from which it is inspired) you might even suspect the quality of the original. They even comment about themselves in the film like first half super second half boring but it is actually the second which was marginally better.

Devadharshini as Goddess Sakthi, and Subbu Panchu has once again given what is needed. Nothing to complain about Jai though but it is the wrong execution of the screenplay which is to be blamed. Venkat Prabhu makes a guest appearance as the director he himself is. The addition to 'The Hangover' that of the god’s ‘Thiruvilayadal’ and the Saraswathi Sabatham title is nothing more than a commercial success searcher. The former works well though.

Watch if you have nothing else to do and if you can be satisfied with the simplest of the simple stuff comedies.

Marks: 4/10

Pradeep Kalamegam

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