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Naiyandi (aka) Naiyaandi director Sargunam replies to Nazriya Nazim's allegations

Naiyaandi director Sargunam shoots back at Nazriya Nazim

Oct 08, 2013

Nazriya Nazim's allegations of cheating against the director and producer of Naiyaandi, for using a body double in one of the intimate scenes in the film hasn't gone down well with the director of the film, Sargunam. He shot back at Nazriya in a detailed statement 

"You must be aware by now of Nazriya's allegations against us that we have used a body double for one of the close-up shots in the trailer and also for the entire Inikka Inikka song sequence. 
I have already delivered quality films such as Vaagai Sooda Vaa and Kalavani and have even won a National Award for my efforts. In the song Inikka Inikka, I haven't used a dupe even in one scene and it is Nazriya who has performed for the entire number. 
While sitting at the editing table, we felt that the inclusion of an intimate close-up scene would increase the impact of this song among the audience and I also requested Nazriya to come down and act for this particular scene. To this, Nazriya responded by saying that she can't come all the way from Kerala and asked me to shoot that particular scene by using a body double. Now I don't know why she is cooking up a needless storm. Probably, she needs some publicity.
I am even ready to remove that intimate close-up shot from the trailer if Nazriya feels uncomfortable but is she ready to sit with the media and see the film and assert that she hasn't acted in the Inikka Inikka number? 
Finally I wish to state again that the film is a clean family entertainer which has been given a U certificate by the censor board."


Naiyandi (aka) Naiyaandi director Sargunam replies to Nazriya Nazim's allegations

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