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Jan 21, 2014

The prestigious and the most celebrated production house in India, Yash Raj Films (YRF) ventures into Tamil Cinema with the Tamil remake of their Band Baaja Baaraat, Aaha Kalyanam. Directed by debutante A Gokul Krishna, the movie stars Nani and Vaani Kapoor in the lead roles. Dharan has delivered the music and the grand launch of the album happened yesterday at Hotel Leela Palace, Chennai. Apart from the team, the event was graced by Vishnuvardhan, Dharani, Simran, Samuthirakani and many others. Here’s a gist of what the guests said at the event.


“Gokul was my assistant. But, I was the one who requested him to assist me. He never came asking for it. I met him while he was working on an Ad film and I liked his work.”

“I enjoyed working with him, for he laughs for all my ‘Mokka’ jokes. On a serious note, I still ask my assistants to be like Gokul.”

“He can also dance well. He appears as a priest, doing a kuthu dance in the song Yela Yela from Arinthum Ariyamalum.”

“I miss this guy. However, this is the proudest moment for me. It’s like the birth of my child.”

On a lighter note, Vishnu said, “I must say, he is also a very romantic man. The stage here looks splendid. So, I request his parents to get him married now, on this very stage.”


“I’m here for Gokul Krishna. I knew him since he was a kid. His parents brought me up and I sincerely consider them my mentors. One day his mom called me and said Gokul wanted to get into movies. I said I’d help him do it.

“I don’t disagree with Vishnuvardhan, when he said Gokul is his child. But, I gave up this child for adoption.”

“I always believe a person doesn’t understand the worth of a job until he works hard for it. So when he said he wanted to assist me, I asked him to go and try other places, so that he gets to realize the hard work it takes to enter the film industry. However, I promised him a place in my camp, if he doesn’t get a job anywhere else. But in three months time, he joined Vishnuvardhan.”

“Later, when I asked Vishnu to allow Gokul to be my associate, he said, ‘ask me anything but him’. That was my proudest moment.


“Band Baaja Baaraat was a musical hit and to make an equally good album was the biggest challenge. The difference however is that I have used a lot of South Indian instruments and tunes in Aaha Kalyanam. I must thank the producers, YRF for having confidence in me.”

“I also have to thank the director. Gokul isn't an easy man to satisfy, I tell you. Even the smallest tune, he asks for the best.”


“Believe me, I can speak good Tamil. But this stage is making me too nervous to prove it.”

“When I came to Chennai for Veppam, I had nobody here. I was afraid and uncomfortable. Today, this city has become my home. I made a lot of friends and even family. I’m most pampered in two places- my in-laws’ place and Chennai. Whenever I come here I’m showered with loads of love and respect. I understood that only when I shot for the Telugu version of Neethane En Ponvasantham.”

“I hope you all like the songs and the film (Aaha Kalyanam). I thank YRF, the director and the entire team for the opportunity. The best thing about the director is that, he listens to every single one of us. But, in the end he does only what he wants (laughs).”

“Vaani is an extraordinary co-star. Like in the movie, even on the sets we used to be very friendly one day and the next day we’d be bullying each other. That chemistry has transformed on to the screen.”

Vijay Sethupathy:

“I take this opportunity to welcome Yash Raj Films to our industry. It makes me happier to know that they are not only looking for remakes but also fresh scripts.”

“Nani is a good friend and I’m also his big fan. From what I have seen, he has put in his full energy into Aaha Kalyanam and I’m very eager to catch the film.”


“YRF is one of the most prestigious production houses, not just in India, but in the whole world. They are the king of entertainment. They have tried out every possible genre and introduced innumerable new talents. Had they ventured into Tamil before my marriage, I would have considered working on more projects.”

Giving Vaani, the new actress in town a word of advice, Simran said, “Tamil Cinema is the most welcoming industry you’ll ever come across and you’ll love working here. Just give your best and you’ll be celebrated.”

Vaani Kapoor:

“I take this opportunity to thank my whole team. Not only Gokul was supportive, he was also very patient in getting my language and acting right.”

“Nani, thank you so much for letting me bully you! You've been a great co-star and I really wish to work with you and the entire team again.” 

“I've heard this saying- ‘Vandharai Vazhavaikum’. I hope the people of Tamil Nadu welcome me with the same warmth they have given all the other actors.”

About her favorite Tamil stars, she says, “I like Ajith and Dhanush. And now it’s Nani.”

Aaha Kalyanam is releasing on the 7th of February.




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