''Rajinikanth kept practicing to throw the cigarette into his mouth'' - Shahrukh Khan - Event Story

Mar 09, 2014

The much awaited audio launch of Kochadaiiyaan happened at 10:00 AM today, 9th March, 2013, at the Sathyam Cinemas. Big  names such as Rajinikanth, Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, K. Balachander, S.P Muthuraman, AVM Saravanan, A.R Rahman, Jackie Shroff, Dhanush, Vairamuthu, Shankar, Shobana, Sarath Kumar, Resul Pookutty, Adhi, Nazar, Aishwarya Dhanush, the director Soundarya R. Ashwin and many more took part in the event. There was a huge crowd in the hall and when the Superstar walked in, there was a loud roar.

The event started off with a prayer song and a dance performance followed by the screening of the theatrical trailer of Kochadaiiyaan. The trailer was a treat to watch, with special Rajinikanth punches like “Vaaipugal thaana amaiyaadhu. Naama dhaan amachukkanum” (Opportunities don’t happen. We should make them happen) and “Kochadaiiyaan indha Naataiyum, Naatu Makkalaiyum Kaaka Pirandhavan” (Kochadaiiyaan was born to save this land and the people in this land).

The team also screened the making of the film and a clipping of Rajinikanth dancing the Rudra Thandavam which was a real visual feast.

Soundarya Rajinikanth becomes the first daughter to direct a movie with her father in the lead. She appeared to be a happy person when she came up to the stage to speak.


I would like to thank Appa, Amma, and KB thaatha to have been with me and given me a lot of support.

First of all, let me explain to you the technology used in Kochadaiiyaan. We used the motion capture technique where we captured performances of the actors. The shoot happened in a floor and all the performances were captured in 360 degrees.

There is a difference between a cartoon and an animated film. I would like to iterate that this is not a cartoon, but an animated film.

We had no costumes. No makeup. No sets. It was difficult for the actors to adjust to this kind of film making. I would like to thank all of them to have given me so much support.

I would also like to thank K.S Ravikumar uncle who treated me like a daughter and was with me throughout the movie.

Just as she spoke about K.S Ravikumar, a random fan from the audience shouted out ‘Thalaivar vazhi thani vazhi,’ for which the proud daughter smiled and repeated the dialogue.

There are a total of nine songs in the movie. There is a song titled Medhuvagathaan which has SPB sir’s voice in it. It is the commercial song in the film. Deepika dances in this song along with a white peacock.

Soundarya thanked A.R Rahman, Shahrukh Khan, Latha Rajinikanth and when she said Appa, the crowd roared again.

Thank you Appa. Million thanks for being patient and being a rock like you always have been. This technology has come because of you. I am your biggest fan Appa. You are everything for me.”

The audio was released with all the special guests and the core team including Shobana, Resul Pookutty and Adhi, after which the guests picked up the mike one after the other to share their thoughts and wishes.

K. Balachander

Balachander started off by commenting on the Rudra Thandavam video that was played.

“Enna aatam aadi irukiraaru Rajini” (What a dance performance by Rajini). He then took permission to speak in English as Shahrukh, Deepika and Jackie Shroff were present on the stage.

When a crowd gathers, it is a meeting.
When leaders gather, it is a summit
When industrialists gather, it is a convention
When celebrities gather, it is an event
When politicians gather, it is chaos

But when superstars come together it is almost as if the very Gods have come together. It is indeed a divine occurrence.

A.R Rahman - “Dear A.R Rahman, what more can I tell about you that the world hasn’t. You are a man of humility and a wonderful person.”

K.S Ravikumar - “You are one of the few directors who have the ability to handle the legacy of Rajinikanth. Your creativity is amazing and my sincere wishes to you.”

Vairamuthu - “Nothing inspires you more than a Rajini film. You are a great writer and a great human being.”

Soundarya - “You are my granddaughter. My hearty wishes for the success of the movie.

Rajinikanth - “40 years ago, I first shot a nervous young man, Shivaji, who opens a gate and enters into frame. He has symbolically walked into cinema and has created wonders. I knew in that very shot that history was being born. “

Your Janma Bhoomi may be Maharashtra. But your Sondha Bhoomi is Tamil Nadu.”

Shahrukh Khan - “I have watched a commercial where you look into the camera and ask ‘Have I made it large?’  From a television star to a big star. A roller coaster ride to the pinnacles of an insecure job. I have the answer to your question.

Yes you have made it large. Your obvious affection for Rajinikanth is heartwarmingly charming. It is a pleasure, honour, privilege and a blessing to have you here.

See you all at the silver jubilee of Kochadaiiyaan.

K.S Ravikumar

I am happy to have worked in such a film. I have directed around 40 to 45 films. But I have not written the base story of any of my movies. They were all acquired from others. This is my first story and screenplay. I sincerely thank Rajinikanth sir to have made me a writer.

I am happy to have worked in Soundarya’s first script. She is very talented. I have seen it in front of my eyes. She is going to make many movies.

She has a very respectful behavior – which has obviously come from her father.

Usually when such a movie is made abroad, it takes 5 long years for completion. But we have completed this in 2 years, considering the budget and limitations.


“Even though I have a lot to say, I will keep my speech minimal because I don’t want to keep you all waiting for long. It was the title, ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ that pulled me into the project.

Do you know where Kochadaiiyaan came from? It is another name for lord Shiva.

Today, the little girl whom Rajinikanth carried in his shoulders has grown up to carry him in her shoulders.

Rajinikanth has been in the industry for more than 4 decades like a rock. His first fan (himself) is 65 years old. I can see among the audience that there are fans who are 25 years old. Rajinikanth has the charisma to have both a 65 year old and a 25 year old person as his fan.

Greater than his hard work, is his good thought that has made him successful. When Baba flopped, he called the distributors and told them that he will bear the loss and helped them all.

I recently got to witness his intelligence. There had been talks about his nativity and that only a Tamilan should be the chief minister of Tamil Nadu. When a person asked him the question, ‘What do you think about the saying that only a Tamilan should be the chief minister of Tamil Nadu.’

Rajinikanth replied saying that it was right. It’s good that you said a Tamilan should be the chief minister rather than saying a Mudaliar, Naadar or a Thevar should get to that post.

Rajinikanth’s dialogues are not just for movies. They are for life. When people commented that Rajinikanth is from Maharasthra and not a Tamilan, I broke those comments by including these lines in his song.

Anna Vaari Kuduthadhu Thaai Paalu
Ennai Vaazha Vaithadhu Thamizh Paalu

Rajinikanth is indeed the pride of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu wishes you be healthy and happy always.”

AVM Saravanan

After Vairamuthu speaks, no one else can ever speak. Nobody can match him. He has covered everything.

In those days, after half day’s shoot, we used to watch the rushes of the shoot during the lunch time and the rushes of the shoot post lunch on the next day. Things were simple back then.

This is a huge step. My best wishes to Soundarya and the team for making such a technically sound film.

I have just a request to Rajinikanth. Please release your movies often. Please don’t make people wait for long.”


This is a big attempt. In Enthiran we used 3D animation in a few scenes like the fire sequence, the ball formation of all the robots and so on. But in Kochadaiiyaan, the entire movie is animated. This is amazing. Great job Soundarya.

A.R Rahman jumps into any project where there are new try outs. It’s great to see him support such a movie.

Superstar’s fans go berserk during the release of his movie. They have the ‘Neega Vandha Mattum Podhum’ attitude when it comes to watching his movies. But, I would like to request the fans to keep in mind that this is an animated film. You will be seeing Rajini sir in an animated avatar. So please go into the theaters with that mindset.

Sarath Kumar

Rajini sir, you belong to Tamil Nadu. Whenever your movies release here, it is a festival. Now this audio launch is one such festival too. I am glad Sharukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and Jackie Shroff are with us today to celebrate this festival. 

Acting in this movie was a challenge.  We had nothing in front of us. No costumes. No sets. No makeup. We had to imagine everything around us. There were scenes where I had to ride a horse. I had to imagine that there was a horse and act accordingly. Any actor can act. But a director’s touch gives magic to the performance.  I thank Soundarya to have taken me through this interesting experience.”

S.P Muthuraman

First of all, I wish Soundarya for this large step. I have an advice. Please work as a unit always, because as a team you can always do wonders.

A.R Rahman’s music is always unique. Even though he has been playing music in the US and reached has great heights, his music school that he has back in Chennai is a noble thing.

Vairamuthu is a lyricist who came into the industry from somewhere. He won several national awards and is now in great heights.  

Behind every successful man, there is a woman. Behind Rajinikanth’s victory, there is Latha Rajinikanth. He is a difficult person to handle. Even in my sets, I have found it hard to handle him. He is always active and vibrant. Hats off to Latha to have handled him well.

Both Soundarya and Aishwarya should be born to Latha and Rajini in all births. Do not take praises to your head and sorrow to the heart. Rajinikanth is the biggest example for that.”

Jackie Shroff

Vanakkam’, he said and the crowd applauded him. Then a mic operator came to him to adjust his mic. Jackie turned to him and asked ‘enna Sowkiyama?’ The crowd applauded him again.

I thank all the people who have worked in this film. Kochadaiiyaan was a wonderful journey. I thank all the fans for your support.

Deepika Padukone

Kochadaiiyaan is not just a film for me. It is an experience. I congratulate Soundarya for the courage and I thank her for casting me in the movie. I would also like to thank Latha aunty for treating me like her own daughter and making rasam for me whenever I was around.”

A.R. Rahman

I am working on a Hollywood movie that makes use of the same technology, which features monkeys. I signed up the film in 2010 and when I asked them when it would be releasing, they told me it will be out by 2015. When Soundarya told me that she would finish the movie in one year, I was doubtful. But, I am glad to see that the project has materialized and reached its finale. This will be a big door opening for South Indian Film Industry.”

Shahrukh Khan

The moment his name was called, the baadshah came in running to the podium.

My Tamil is not good. I only know the word Thalaivaa. Recently someone in the flight told me ‘Never speak Tamil’.

Actually I did not know that I was the chief guest of the event. I just came here to have some fun. I have three reasons why I am here today.

Firstly, I have come here as a fan.

24 years ago when I landed in Mumbai – was called Bombay back then, I happened to see Rajinikanth in a movie set. He was practicing to throw the cigarette into his mouth. Even when the others went for lunch, he kept practicing. I have been a fan ever since.

Secondly, I have come here as a friend

When I made Ra One, Rajinikanth has been a huge support. I have even used Chitti, the robot, in the movie. Thanks to Rajinikanth and Shankar sir for that.

Thirdly, I have come here as a seeker of knowledge.

The films made here are extremely wonderful. I am happy to be sharing the stage with veterans like K. Balachander sir and SP Muthuraman sir. There are many more names in the Tamil Film Industry who are great veterans.

I just learned how to pronounce the name of the movie with a little help from Deepika.

Ko – like lovely, Chadi – like getting on something and Yaan – a plane – there you go. Kochadiyaan.

Shahrukh then turned to Vairamuthu and told him, ‘See even I can explain the meaning of the movie’.

I am sorry, I don’t understand Tamil. I did not understand what most of you spoke here. I clapped when the audience clapped and laughed when the audience laughed.

I am thankful that Indian cinema has introduced such a technology. It is one of the finest steps ever taken.”

Finally, Shahrukh Khan sang the Lungi Dance song. He replaced the word ‘Lungi Dance’ with the word ‘Kochadaiiyaan’ as he sang.

Superstar Rajinikanth

As soon as the thalaivar walked to the podium. The crowd erupted. He could not speak anything for a moment.

Enna Vaazha Vaitha Tamil Makkale”, he started. “More than an audio launch, this is an event that is organized to thank the people who created Kochadaiiyaan.

I am very fond of stories that deal with Kings. When a book starts with ‘Once upon a time there was a King’, I pick it up and take a read. I really wanted to do a King’s story. I therefore started Rana. But fell ill. You all know about it.

When I got back, I was not fit enough to continue with the movie. That is when I got to listen to K.S Ravikumar’s Kochadaiiyaan. I realized that it was better than Rana. But I did not know how we could go about doing it. When I explored, I realized that it would take around 5 years and would cost over 800 crores. But Soundarya said she was confident that she could pull it off with a minimal budget. That is how it started.

Both my daughters Soundarya and Aishwarya are married and they are both directors now. I am extremely happy that Dhanush, Ashwin and the in laws of both my daughters have supported them.

I was surprised by Soundarya’s speech today. It was really mature. Honestly during the shoot, when she said action I laughed. I told her, you just say when to cut and please let K.S Ravikumar sir say action.

I hope you all like Kochadaiiyaan. Hoping to see you all at the success meet.



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