The epic one liners of Tamil Cinema

The epic one liners of Tamil Cinema

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The one liners as well as some dialogues of Tamil cinemas have made a remarkable impact in day to day life of public. We are using lot of one liners and some funny dialogues in many occasions, while we speak, interact and teasing friends. Let us see here now the most popular dialogues and one liners, which are ever memorable 
1. " Paththa Vachittiye Paratte "  - Very common phrase , used in so many occasions, while talking and writing comments in social websites. 
2. " Ithu eppadi Irukku ? "  - The most stylish words, some guys are still using this one liner.

3. " Naalu Perukku Nallathunnaa  Ethuvume Thappu illa"  - People try to mimic with Kamal's voice very often, especially College guys. 

4. " Saamee Enakku Oru Unmai Therinjaavanum "  - Lot of rural guys are using these phrases now and then to extract the truth from their friends in a funny way .

5. " Naan Oru Thadavai Sonnaa Nooru Thadavai Sonna Maathri "  - Nobody wants to forget these words, and everybody tries the best by mimicking Rajini's magical voice.

6. " Ennammaa Kannu Savukkiyamaa "  - SathyaRaj's finest modulation and facial expression with this dialog impressed a lot, and people using these words very often in various occasions . 

7. " Chellam ... Ennadi Chellam "  - PrakashRaj's awesome voice modulation makes us to repeat those words in some wonderful romantic funny occasions .
8. " Nanbenda "  - No other word is required to irritate a very close friend. 

9. " Athu "   - This two letter word from the two letter " Thala " makes plenty of guys to follow their beloved Star's way of expression , in various occasions. 

10. " Naan Oru Thadavai Mudivu Pannittennaa En Pechcha Naane Kekka Maatten "  - Vijay's dialogue, which are used not only by Vijay Fans, but with lot of guys in various funny occasions.

11. " Enna kalaisittaaraamaa "  - Youth's national word becomes " Kalaaikkiraan  " , after this Santhanam's one liner. 

12. " Athu Pona Maasam, Naan Sollurathu Intha Maasam " - Even girls are using these words commonly. These words make us funny even, if we are in serious mood.

13. " OOngi Adichchchaaa.. Onnarai Tan Waittudaa...Pakkuriyaa  " - By repeating this Surya's brave and serious dialogue , we can express our braveness in a funny way. 

14. " Vendaam... Valikkuthu.... Azhuthuruven " - No other funny words are there to escape from a person , who makes You boring .

15. " Enna Maathiri  Pasangala  Paaththaa Pudikkaathu... Pakka Pakka Thaan Pudikkum "  - The HOPE words of Soup Boys... Isn't it ?

16. " Same Pilad [ Blood ] "  - If You and Your friend acquire arrears in Examinations, Yes You can express the situation in a very decent way " same pilad ".. 

17. " Petromax Laitte Thaan Venumaa "  - Kavundamani's extra ordinary one liner , nowadys everybody uses it in funny occasions. 

18. " Riskku Edukkurathu Ellaam Engalukku Raskku Sappidurathu Maathiri " - Even elderly people are using these words in a funny way at various occasions. 

19. " Varum...Aanaa...Varaathu .."  - Ennaththa Kannayaa's comedy with Vadivelu is ever memorable and Men, Women, Elders, Kids , Youth - everybody  says this dialogue at various contexts and juncture , everywhere. 

20. " Vada Pochche "  - Universal phrase to express a Loss in a funny way. Kudos to the Comedy Super Star Vadivelu....

Yes today is not going to complete , without hearing and speaking these phrases [ one liners ] in real life OR  writing and reading these phrases [ one liners ] in social websites.... I CHALLENGE ....

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